24 July, 2020

Make your mark on the South West Community Centre

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The City of Adelaide is inviting creative souls to take part in painting a mural on the South West Community Centre’s windows.

It’s a grown-up version of paint-by-numbers, with the community invited to fill in shapes on the mural with colour. As colours are added, the mural will be revealed for all to see. The mural will be displayed for approximately two weeks once completed. The temporary mural will be the first of several to be painted at the Centre.

City of Adelaide Councillor Helen Donovan said that the mural project will provide a great opportunity for people to interact with the South West Community Centre community.

“Community centres are well-utilised and valuable places of connection for our communities. The South West Community Centre is a much-loved part of the local area, encouraging friendly interaction among neighbours and enhancing the wellbeing of those who get involved,” said Councillor Donovan.

Deputy Lord Mayor Alexander Hyde said the fun mural project will bring people together – at a safe distance of course – to take part in a creative, artistic project that will add a pop of colour to the street.

“Anyone can get involved – no experience is necessary and, if you’ve got an idea for another mural, make sure to send us your ideas. We love to hear from the creative people of our city.”

The idea for the paint-by-numbers mural project came as a response to ideas that were received through the City of Adelaide’s Recover and Reimagine program. It seeks to directly involve the south west community in a project that will reconnect neighbours to one another and bring more colour and creativity to Sturt Street.

The Recover and Reimagine program is supporting the city to get back on its feet in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In May, Council launched an idea sharing platform on its website to capture community ideas, big or small, about how the city could look as it recovers from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19.

Ideas ranged from street markets, pop-up art, music in the streets, speaker’s corner, walking trails, creative hubs and interaction places, decorative lighting – some of which have already been enacted.

The paint-by-numbers mural commences on Monday 27 July and is a free activity. To participate, select a 30-minute booking time. Bookings are for individuals or families.

Drop-ins are also welcome from 8:00am to 6:00pm subject to availability.

If you have an idea for the design of the next mural send an email to [email protected]

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Matt Halliwell