18 Oct, 2019

Electric Vehicle Trial

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

ZERO Automotive and The City of Adelaide have together announced that the ZED70 Electric Vehicle will undergo trialling in the City of Adelaide Fleet late October.

The vehicle is Australia’s first Australian Design Rules Compliant Electric utility vehicle which will be produced in low volume. ZERO Automotive Co-Director Tim Possingham states “We are proud to be associated with a local government authority that passionately pursues a carbon neutral future and embraces technology that delivers total cost of ownership and safety benefits as well as zero emissions.”

City of Adelaide Director of Place, Klinton Devenish confirmed that; “We are preparing to trial the vehicle as part of our horticulture fleet and it will fit into the daily work schedule in a similar manner to the other 70 vehicles in that fleet. We have 180kWh of solar panels on our fleet depot roof and are also considering the exploration of using that energy for vehicle recharging.”

The ZED70 is manufactured in SA and is based on a Landcruiser platform. The manufacturer claims it has a driving range of over 350km with a charge time of 4-hours.

Watch the City of Adelaide video about the trial.

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Tim Possingham - ZERO Automotive Co-Director