12 May, 2022

E-scooter parking trial underway

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

E-scooter operators, Beam and Neuron, have commenced an e-scooter parking trial to help the City of Adelaide better understand the issues associated with designated parking areas and no parking zones.

The trial will mean that e-scooter users on a section of Grenfell Street and Currie Street will need to park within the designated areas, marked by decals, and end their trip via QR code.

There are no e-scooter parking zones on adjacent narrow side streets, so there will be more space for people walking and avoidance of potential hazards or obstacles.

The e-scooter parking trial aligns with the community outcomes as set out in the City of Adelaide Strategic Plan 2020-2024:

  • Safe and welcoming community spaces.
  • A safe, affordable, accessible, well-connected city for people of all ages and abilities, and all transport modes.

The designated parking areas have been chosen to try to minimise impacts on other street users and uses but there may be unforeseen impacts. With that in mind, Council is seeking feedback so we can address any immediate issues, as well as to inform potential further implementations.

The Currie Street - Grenfell Street e-scooter parking trial starts this week and feedback will be sought until the end of July. Once feedback has been reviewed, a decision will be made to retain or modify the e-scooter parking controls.

Pending initial review of the Currie Street – Grenfell Street trial, another trial will be implemented on O’Connell Street North Adelaide by the end of May.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said the parking trials were going ahead following a Council motion to help increase e-scooter safety.

“As a Council we want to see accessible streets and concerns have been raised from the community that the placement of some e-scooters can impede the movement of people along footpaths and present potential risks,” said the Lord Mayor.

“We’re hopeful the trial can deliver some positive results, particularly for people who may have mobility needs and e-scooters on narrow footpaths can present obstructions or trip hazards.”

Beam’s Tom Cooper said the company was thrilled to be part of this trial and continuing to partner with the City of Adelaide.

“We are always committed to providing the safest possible environment for all members of the public,” said Mr Cooper.

Lachlan McLean of Neuron Mobility said they were excited to be implementing dedicated parking technology to support the City of Adelaide’s e-scooter parking trial.

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