01 Feb, 2023

Councils working together

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The City of Adelaide and Adelaide Hills Council recently worked with Berri Barmera Council to support the State Emergency Service in building a 350 metre levee at Berri.

The levee was integral in helping protect the township from the recent floods and would not have been completed on time if the 25 strong team of local government workers had not joined in to help.

On Christmas eve, City of Adelaide received a call from the LGA’s Local Government Functional Support Group seeking urgent assistance for Berri Barmera Council to assist with the build.

Council quickly identified that it could help and was able to provide eight team members to be a part of the levee building effort along with our colleagues from Adelaide Hills Council.

Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith said the City of Adelaide was proud to be part of a cross-council collaboration and lend a hand during this challenging time.

“It was no surprise to learn we had team members who quickly put up their hand to go and help in Berri, as we have so many community-minded people here at Council,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Our people sacrificing family time to join in and help the State Emergency Service and Berri Barmera Council, demonstrates what community spirit is all about.”

LGA President Dean Johnson said the local government response to the Riverland and Murraylands flood crisis has shown how well councils band together in times of need.

“Over 25 councils and regional LGAs have assisted affected councils and the State Emergency Service during this emergency through offering skills-based support, loan of plant and machinery, sandbag provisions, amongst other things,” said Mayor Johnson.

“The LGA has participated by coordinating resource sharing, representing local government’s views in State Emergency Centre briefings and work groups, and collaborating with impacted councils on key challenges.

“Our sector has stepped up when communities have needed it most and I commend all councils across South Australia who have contributed to this flood effort.”

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