13 Nov, 2022

Council Election

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The City of Adelaide would like to congratulate Dr Jane Lomax-Smith on being provisionally elected Lord Mayor.

Below is a statement from City of Adelaide CEO Clare Mockler.

“I thank and commend all candidates for participating in the 2022 City of Adelaide elections.

I congratulate all successful candidates and look forward to supporting them during this next term.

I also thank our unsuccessful candidates for putting their hand up to represent their community’s interests. Overall, this election saw 45 nominations across all areas of the city, up from 38 in the previous election. This increase in participation shows a strong interest from our community to contribute to the civic leadership of the City of Adelaide.

In particular, I extend my thanks to Sandy Verschoor who has led a Council that has made significant city-shaping decisions while keeping a firm eye on strengthening the city’s financial situation and delivering the brilliant services our community expects, particularly while dealing with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

I congratulate Lord Mayor-elect Dr Jane Lomax-Smith AM on her election. Jane has dedicated much of her career in service to the City and to the community of South Australia.

Jane’s knowledge and experience, including previous terms as Lord Mayor and Ministerial roles with State Government, will allow her to hit the ground running and, in Jane’s own words, build on what’s best about Adelaide.

I, along with my executive team, look forward to working closely with Jane to keep delivering for the city and North Adelaide.”

Clare Mockler

The City of Adelaide will send further updates as the results of the Area, North Ward, Central Ward and South Ward are declared.

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