30 June, 2021

City’s plans support community to thrive

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

Council has endorsed the City of Adelaide 2021 – 2022 Business Plan and Budget, the 2021 – 2031 Long Term Financial Plan and Strategic Asset Management Plan.

The Business Plan & Budget (BP&B) for the year ahead has a strong focus on essential services and supporting our city and local communities to thrive.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have acted responsibly, and recovered quickly. As a result, Council is proud that Adelaide is now ranked as the most liveable city in Australia and the third most liveable city in the world.

Over 2,700 members of our community were actively engaged in developing the Business Plan and Budget. Council listened to the community and has endorsed a plan that will ensure our local communities can continue to grow and thrive.

Over the next 12 months, our budgeted expenditure of $269.6 million will prioritise community services, activities that support the city’s cultural and economic development, and projects that maintain and upgrade infrastructure within the city and Park Lands. Our services, projects and infrastructure works are predominantly funded through rates, fees and charges, and grants and subsidies.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said the business plan and budget will deliver for our community.

“Council is spending $85.4 million on street infrastructure, $16.1 million in arts, culture and events, $18.1 million in our libraries, community development and safety and $17.1 million for sport and recreation in the city,” said the Lord Mayor.

“We are taking a strategic approach to our finances and growing our way forward with once in a generation projects such as Eighty Eight O'Connell in North Adelaide, and the Central Market Arcade Redevelopment (Market Square),” the Lord Mayor said.

Acting Chief Executive Officer, Clare Mockler said, “We have stabilised our financial position so we can deliver the services, amenities, infrastructure and experiences that underpin a prosperous, liveable city for current and future generations of city ratepayers and many others to enjoy.

“The budget supports local businesses to transition toward more sustainable practices and supporting city businesses and residents to reduce waste through recycling and green waste programs.”

Highlights of the budget include:

  • Fair and equitable rates including a freeze of the rate in the dollar for the eighth consecutive year.
  • Stimulating growth in the city’s economy through major investments including Eighty Eight O’Connell and the Central Market Arcade Redevelopment.
  • Financial sustainability and accountability by delivering a break-even budget.
  • Championing creative responses to the challenges of our city through ‘Splash activations’, innovative partnerships, precinct-based activations and community led ideas.
  • Activating mainstreets and developing unique precincts to support business and residential growth.
  • Helping our residents and businesses to generate less waste and increase resource recovery.

Along with the BP&B, the Long-Term Financial Plan (LTFP) provides a ten-year forecast for Council’s financial performance and assists Council in monitoring the City of Adelaide’s financial sustainability, Council’s ability to deliver services and maintain/upgrade the city’s infrastructure.

The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) guides Council’s future asset and infrastructure strategic goals and is the foundation for future Asset Management Plans.

Council’s Business Plan and Budget, including a full list of the activities, projects and Capital Works being delivered for the year can be downloaded at cityofadelaide.com.au/budget

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Matthew Halliwell