31 Oct, 2023

City’s Economic Leadership In Safe Hands

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

Eminent South Australian business leader Nikki Govan has been reappointed by Council to lead the Adelaide Economic Development Agency (AEDA) for an additional year. Respected city property business owner Steve Maras will then assume the role of chairperson for the next two years.

On Tuesday evening, Council endorsed the reappointment of Ms Govan for one year, with the planned transition to Deputy Chair Mr Maras.

Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith said the move is in the best interests of AEDA and the City of Adelaide to deliver a strategic plan to oversee the economic performance of the city.

“The panel in its deliberations noted the skills and experience that both individuals bring to the AEDA Board,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Nikki is a highly experienced chair, board member and business owner with industry experience across multiple sectors and executive experience across public, private and not-for-profit spheres.

“In Steve, we have a leader who has a multi-disciplined background which includes commerce and finance, commercial and retail property investment and development.

“When Nikki completes her term, Steve will hit the ground running.”

Nikki Govan said she looked forward to AEDA collaborating with Council as much as possible.

“The transitional arrangement will ensure stability within AEDA and, an extension of the current chair with a transition to a respected city business leader, demonstrates Council strongly supports the leadership of the board to deliver for the city,” said Ms Govan.

“Continuation of the current chair sends a very strong message to the business community that the Council has confidence in the role and contribution of AEDA. It’s a move that helps crystalise AEDA’s reputation as an “entity of choice” that will attract high calibre personnel for future positions – including employees, board and Advisory Committee members.

“Steve and I are both committed to delivering on the three-year plan using our combined experience, networks and relationships, and expertise.”

Deputy Lord Mayor Phillip Martin said he was pleased to see AEDA’s future chairs’ commitment to helping Council achieve the city’s economic goals – and to ensuring ongoing stability and collaboration between the City of Adelaide and AEDA.

Photo: Left to right: Steve Maras (Deputy Chair AEDA), Lord Mayor Jane Lomax-Smith, Nikki Govan (Chair AEDA), Deputy Lord Mayor Phil Martin.

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