02 Oct, 2020

City Skate Park concept designs released

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The Marshall Liberal Government and City of Adelaide have released a first-look at concept designs for the new City Skate Park, being integrated into Gladys Elphick Park/Narnungga (Park 25).

The concept designs were recently finalised incorporating feedback received through the consultation process.

Last year, the Marshall Liberal Government provided the $3 million funding required for the City Skate Park, due to be completed next year.

The City of Adelaide will develop a youth and family space that is easily accessible by public transport and available to all demographics.

With the existing site features and proposed master plan development, the facility will create a dynamic and activated central community hub to offer recreational and social experiences for all members of the community.

Member for Adelaide Rachel Sanderson welcomed the next step towards delivering the $3 million new skate park.

“It’s fantastic to see these modern plans for the new City Skate Park, delivering a safe, fun and dedicated park that will be used by South Australians for many years to come,” said Minister Sanderson.

“The Marshall Liberal Government is thrilled to commit $3 million for a new City Skate Park on the corner of West Terrace and Glover Ave – and I really urge the community to view the plans on the City of Adelaide’s website in the coming weeks.

“In 2013, the former Labor Government tore down the old city skate park with no plans for a replacement. The Marshall Liberal Government is now delivering to give our community what they’ve been asking for.”

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said the local skating community has played a key role in shaping the vision for the new City Skate Park.

“Since the announcement last year, our team has worked closely with the City Skate Park Advisory Group and wider community to guide the design of the new City Skate Park,” said the Lord Mayor.

“The end result will be a skate park that’s inviting, family friendly, caters for a range of disciplines and skill levels and be stand out destination within South Australia’s skate park network.”

Key stakeholder engagement is ongoing to refine specific elements of the City Skate Park.

Detailed design is currently underway and it is anticipated that works will commence on site by the end of 2020 and be completed mid-2021.

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