05 May, 2021

City of Adelaide helping small businesses reduce energy costs

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

Small Business owners in the City of Adelaide will be able to sign-up to a new program to receive a free energy assessment plus $5000 towards making any recommended changes.

The Energy Assessment program will be available to small businesses including the food services, accommodation and retail sectors, but also community groups and sports clubs who power our local economy.

The first 50 eligible small businesses to sign up will receive a free assessment that will help identify energy saving opportunities, and the resulting cost savings every year. 

Council will then cover up to 80 percent of the upfront costs for a business to make a recommended change, in the form of a rebate up to a maximum value of $5000.

The action plan is designed to help small businesses invest in more efficient infrastructure like air conditioning, lighting, appliances or equipment to ensure their long-term sustainability.

City of Adelaide Deputy Lord Mayor Mary Couros believes this program will be a big help to small businesses.

“We know that energy bills can be a significant portion of a business’s operating costs, which has been increasing over the years” said the Deputy Lord Mayor.

“Installing energy saving upgrades can require some expense up-front, but with the council paying up to 80 percent of the costs of these upgrades, we believe it will provide a real incentive to optimise energy usage and create long term savings.

“This opportunity is open to small businesses as they continue to recover after being hit hard by the pandemic’s economic impact. The majority are owned by local South Australians and we know they bring life to Adelaide.”

The program will complement the existing Sustainability Incentives Scheme and will help the city community reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a green recovery following COVID-19 economic impacts.

Applications open today—to sign-up visit cityofadelaide.com.au/energy-assessment-program

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Jack Berketa