08 Aug, 2022

CEO Statement – FOI Determination

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

When I became CEO, I said I would take on board council member feedback around transparency and confidentiality, and I am delivering on that commitment.

All Council items are assessed through the lens of what is in the public interest and with the aim of considering as much as possible on the public agenda, subject to legislative and contractual requirements.

The Eighty Eight O’Connell project was initiated by the City of Adelaide in 2018. Following an open Expression of Interest process, Commercial & General was selected to develop and revitalise the site.

The Land Facilitation Agreement (LFA) was executed in December 2020 and is a comprehensive document outlining the obligations of each party. The LFA is the result of a rigorous negotiation and resulted in a balanced outcome for both parties. It addresses the project’s design outcomes, pre-sales strategy, the physical completion of the construction works and the sale of completed lots. To date, Commercial & General has met its contractual milestones, including obtaining a Planning Approval in June 2021, and subsequently finalising the necessary financing arrangements in June 2022 to ensure the commencement of construction.

With financial close having been reached and building work underway, now is an appropriate time to release the confidential resolutions of Council which outlined Council’s progressive approvals to move this important city shaping project forward.

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 serves to promote openness and transparency in governance and accountability of government agencies, including Councils. The City of Adelaide considers Freedom of Information (FOI) applications received from the public in accordance the Freedom of Information Act. This includes consulting third parties whose affairs may be affected by release of information.

With our partner’s consent, the LFA for the Eighty Eight O’Connell project is now available on the City of Adelaide website as part of the FOI determination which has been released to the applicant.

The determination is available at www.cityofadelaide.com.au/freedom-of-information/

Clare Mockler


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