13 Nov, 2019

Carbon Neutral Adelaide and CitySwitch Award winners announced tonight

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The winners of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards and the CitySwitch Green Office Awards were announced tonight, recognising those leading on climate change action.

A recycled road, a 10-star house and a renewables-focused energy services company took out the top honours at this year’s Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards are a joint initiative of the City of Adelaide and the Government of South Australia to acknowledge organisations and individuals who are leading the way in reducing the city’s carbon emissions. The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Action Plan 2016-2021 sets out over 100 actions to reduce emissions and achieve carbon neutrality. Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said, “Adelaide as a city is designed for life and built on thoughtful innovation. “The City of Adelaide has set its sights on being a carbon neutral city and a leader in sustainability, while fostering a thriving economy. “There are currently over 175 organisations in the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partner Program which continues to grow, demonstrating the shared community commitment to addressing climate change. “The City of Adelaide is proud to be working with the State Government to facilitate and showcase environmental leaders and I congratulate all nominees and award recipients.” Minister for the Environment, David Speirs, said it is innovation and leadership that is driving South Australia’s transition to a climate-smart and low-emissions future.

“It’s exciting to see how the Adelaide business sector is moving confidently to provide the climate change solutions that the world needs,” he said.

“This government is committed to environmental action on a number of fronts including strong growth in renewable energy, a local hydrogen action plan, a new blue carbon strategy, and an overall reduction in emissions.

“At the same time, we want to see local enterprise flourish, which is what these awards show is possible. I congratulate all the award winners for their efforts, and I also acknowledge the community for its support.”

Partner of the Year and also winner of the Low Carbon Economy category was Enerven, a company who has been integral to the City of Adelaide’s low carbon economy by delivering renewable electricity and energy storage technologies.

Through partnerships with the private sector and State Government, Enerven has created employment for more than 500 people and potential annual savings in CO2 emissions of 6,190 tonnes, equivalent to taking 2,036 petrol cars off South Australian roads each year.

Working with an ever-expanding range of technologies including solar photovoltaics and storage, Enerven is reducing electricity costs for its customers, households and contributing to Adelaide’s carbon-neutral ambition.
Winner of the Applied Innovation category was Downer EDI Works, a company which is South Australia’s first producer of a 100 per cent recycled asphalt road.

Recycled materials incorporated into road resurfacing projects last financial year were equivalent to almost 60 million glass bottles, 14 million plastic bags, 415 kilometres of road, toner from 333,000 printer cartridges, and crumb rubber from 191,250 end of life tyres.
Downer’s services to the City of Adelaide’s roadworks program reduced CO2 emissions by 89 tonnes last financial year and included installation of Australia’s first 100% recycled road in Chatham Street.

The winner for Leadership and Influence was SUHO for their ten-star home, currently being constructed in Woodforde in the Adelaide Hills. As South Australia’s first ten-star home, it is designed to increase understanding of the relationship between human, house and environment and influence the building of more climate-friendly homes of the future.
Dsquared Consulting was nominated as the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Program Ambassador, the smallest company in Australia to achieve certified carbon neutrality.

Community members Nick and Jamie won the Low Carbon Lifestyle category. They not only greatly reduced their personal carbon footprint but also released a documentary about their experience. Treading Lightly explores a year of their personal journey after having a carbon accountant evaluate their household emissions. The film has screened to three sold out audiences, and Jamie and Nick often hear how viewers have actively changed their lifestyles after seeing it.

The winners of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Awards are:

Partner of the Year - Enerven
Finalists: WOMADAdaide, Downer EDI Works, dsquared

Carbon Neutral Adelaide Ambassador - Dsquared

Low Carbon Economy Winner - Enerven
Finalists: Downer EDI, Fonzarelli, myCar

Applied Innovation Winner - Downer EDI Works
Finalists: Fonzarelli, SUHO, Allume and Suntrix

Leadership and Influence Winner - SUHO
Finalists: Downer, Christie Walk, Finsbury Green

Low Carbon Lifestyle Winner - Jamie and Nick
Finalists: John and Sheila, Keith and Lin

Also presented were the CitySwitch Green Office Program awards. The Program has been successfully operating in the city since 2008. South Australia’s CitySwitch signatories are businesses and other organisations that have committed to taking action to improve the sustainability performance of their offices.

The winners of the CitySwitch Awards are:

New signatory of the year

EML, Activity Based Working Refurbishment, L7, L9 & L15, Adelaide office

Signatory of the year, under 2000 sqm

CBRE, Tenancy Fit-out

Signatory of the year over 2000 sqm

Uniting Communities, U City Vertical Community Development

New Hall of Fame Inductees

David Low, Knight Frank

Kelly Johnson, Uniting Communities

Further information about the winners can be found in the attached booklet.

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