23 Sept, 2021

Adelaide in bloom for Flower Day

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

More than 3000 flowers will be handed out to city workers, visitors, students and residents today as the City of Adelaide revives Flower Day.

From 1938 to 1975, Adelaide celebrated its annual Flower Day, with the aim to encourage homeowners to plant gardens and beautify the expanding suburbs. Council voted to restore the favourite festival 46 years later as a means of revitalising the city, by spreading joy and positivity amongst its users.

To celebrate its return, the City of Adelaide with the help of Adelaide based florists will be giving away 3000 single stem flowers at various locations including Rundle Mall, Adelaide Town Hall, local primary schools and the train station.

In addition, several temporary floral exhibits have been installed at the following locations:

  • O’Connell Street
  • Melbourne Street
  • Hutt Street
  • Adelaide Town Hall
  • Adelaide Central Market and Chinatown Plaza
  • Gilbert Street

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor hopes it lifts the moods of everyone in the city as we emerge from winter.

“We are blessed in Adelaide to have a beautiful city, filled with parks, gardens and flowers and this event is a chance to celebrate this wonderful time of year,” said the Lord Mayor.

“We’re encouraging everyone to be involved, place a bunch of flowers outside your house, wear your best floral clothes and join us in brightening up the city streets.

“The City of Adelaide has a team of 88 horticulturalists working full time, planting more than 80,000 seedlings every year to make this city look, smell and feel like a garden.

“Throughout the City of Adelaide there’s more than 25,000 roses, as well as petunias, pansies, poppies and begonias which provide a wonderful splash of colour across the city and North Adelaide.”

Flower Day is providing a boost for many city florists, with Studio Botanic creating several installations across the city and North Adelaide.

Nadia Travaglini from Studio Botanic is opening a new florist on Gilbert Street called “BloomBar” today to coincide with Flower Day and says “the event is a fantastic initiative and what better way to put a smile on someone’s face than by giving them a beautiful flower.”

“With a number of events and weddings cancelled, florists have been hit hard by COVID restrictions and continue to face an uncertain future, so festivities like Flower Day provide a great opportunity to get creative and keep our staff employed.”

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