21 July, 2020

2020/21 City Budget: Keeping Costs Low

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The City of Adelaide Draft 2020 - 2021 Budget commits to freezing non-commercial fees and charges, as well as the rate in the dollar for the seventh consecutive year.

Council will freeze the general rate in the dollar for 2020 - 2021 for both residential and non-residential ratepayers*. This is the seventh consecutive year Council has decided not to increase the rate in the dollar, at a combined benefit of more than $16m for our community.

Non-commercial fees and charges will also be frozen at existing levels for the first time to assist the community in recovering from the impacts of COVID-19.

In recognition of cost of living pressures facing the community, the Lord Mayor said freezing rates, fees and charges is an important way in which Council can support residents, businesses, building owners, students and visitors.

“I want our community to know that Council understands the financial pressures they’re facing and that we want to support them through these extraordinary times,” the Lord Mayor said.

“We’re also determined to support our business community and are closely monitoring the financial impact of COVID-19 on commercial ratepayers.

“In addition to this budget, initiatives such as Council’s recent City Business Support Package, in partnership with Business SA, show we’re focused on supporting city and North Adelaide businesses.

“We’ve also extended our popular UPark Plus offer, providing a cheap, convenient and contactless parking experience for people coming into the Adelaide CBD.

“I encourage everyone to provide their feedback on the Draft Budget, so they can have their say on our priorities for the next year.”

The Budget is anchored by Council’s new strategic plan outcomes of: Thriving Communities; Strong Economies; Dynamic City Culture; Environmental Leadership and outlines what will be delivered in the first year of this new strategic plan.

The draft 2020 – 2021 Budget is Council’s key annual operational and financial planning document, which describes what services and projects are in place in the upcoming financial year – along with sources of revenue, and how Council proposes to allocate our budget.

This is an incredibly important budget for Council as it reflects the impacts that COVID-19 has had on our city. As people return to the city, Council’s focus is on implementing a range of actions to safely and sustainably steer the city through the pandemic and into recovery.

The Draft 2020-2021 Budget is available online at Your Say for public comment and feedback – until midnight on Thursday, 23 July 2020.

*Based on updated valuations the average rates payable will decrease by 1.19% excluding new developments, additions and alterations. The growth in total assessments for 2020-21 was 2.94%

Additional highlights of the draft 2020 - 2021 Business Plan and Budget

Grote Street $1.7m – 3-month construction

Increase tree plantings and greening of streets in South West of the city contributing the State Governments targets for increased canopy cover and climate adaption.

• A widened median island with new trees and understorey planting

• 5 new trees in the footpath to strengthen the existing avenue planting along the street

• New protuberances at side street intersections with garden beds

• Improved crossing points at side street intersection to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and bike riders.

• Upgraded road, kerb and gutters

Whitmore Square Improvements - $2.3m (joint funded) – 6-month construction

Recently announced project joint funded through City of Adelaide and the Open Space and Places for People Grant Program 19/20, project includes:

• Safety improvements to the northern tri-intersection at Morphett and Wright Streets.

• Greening and paths that frame the inner edges of the square.

• The Northern tri-intersection will commence first, followed by the greening and pedestrian connections.

Increase of street trees and green infrastructure - $1.1m

Increasing tree plantings, greening of streets and gardens beds in identified parts of the city and design and construct greening paths around Whitmore Square. Delivered through Whitmore Square Greening ($0.9m) and Greening in the City’s North West and South West ($0.2m)

Splash Activations and live music support - $0.84m

Working with our partners to deliver musical laneways and support events and activations to celebrate Adelaide’s culture of live music and performance. Delivered through Umbrella Winter Festival sponsorship ($0.04m) and Splash incorporating winter lights ($0.8m)

Events Infrastructure Rundle Park - $935k – 3-month construction

Enhanced services and facilities for events within the eastern parklands that will ensure future events are sustainable, reduce costs and improve safety.

• Upgrading of existing potable water supply to include new ring main and extra usage points to increase usability of water infrastructure.

• Installation of new recycled ring main for use by events in toilet flushing and sewer usage.

• Installation of detention tanks and rising mains to enable events access to sewer mains for temporary toilet blocks during events.

• Increased capacity of existing transformers and installation of new transformers to increase electrical capacity in parks.

$13.5m package of Asset Renewals being prepared to go to market in July.

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