Lodged development application register

For applications lodged after 19 March 2021, please see PlanSA's development register.

Search applications that were lodged prior to 19 March 2021.

The City of Adelaide have produced an online dashboard that displays development applications in the Council area that have been lodged in the last five months.

You can use the search boxes and filters to refine the data displayed on the Dashboard.

Search tips

  • Enter details of what you want to search for in the relevant search boxes. To clear what is in a Search box, click on the eraser  on the relevant search box.
  • Each chart can also filter the data, click on the bar, column or dot on the map to filter.
  • To change the sort order in the table, click the column heading you are interested in.
  • To view the information on a full screen, click on the arrow  in the bottom right. To return to the page, use the ESC key on the keyboard.