Enrol to vote in the council elections

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The voters roll for the 2022 Council Elections closed at 5:00 pm 29 July 2022.

Voters roll

The voters roll for council elections is made up of two parts:

  1. the State (House of Assembly) electoral roll, and
  2. the Council voters roll.

If you received voting papers for the 2022 Council election and your details have not changed, you will automatically be on the Council voters roll.

If you wish to enrol to vote in the next periodic election, complete and submit the relevant Application for Enrolment on the Voters Roll form to be added to the Council voters roll.

To submit the form email [email protected].


To be able to vote in the council election, you need to be:

  • aged 18 years and above;
  • property owner in our Council area; and/or
  • property occupier in our Council area

It's not just residents who can enrol for the upcoming elections; other members of the community can also enrol and vote. These can include:


You must have lived in the City of Adelaide for longer than one month.

  • You own and live in a residential property
  • You live in the property but don’t own it ie residential tenant
  • Students living in the city
  • International students living in the city

Property owners

  • A person who owns property but do not live there
  • Landlords
  • A person who owns the property and lives there
  • Groups (joint owners/occupiers of a facility)

Businesses/Body corporates

  • Owners and occupiers
  • Occupier ie commercial tenant
  • Groups (joint owners and/or occupiers of a facility)


To find out more about the voting process, please visit our Voting in an election page.

Your questions answered

Each person can only vote once in each ward election. If you vote more than once, all of the votes will be rejected.

In saying this, you may have more than one voting entitlement. To find our how to exercise your vote please see ECSA's information on voting in council elections.

If you or your group own/occupy more than one property within the City of Adelaide, you’ll receive a voter’s pack(s) for each ward they are located in.

Check the ward boundaries map to see which ward your properties are located in.

If they’re in different wards, you can vote once in each ward.

Use of a shared workspace facility or car park facility does not in itself give rise to an entitlement to vote.

For a car park or shared workspace facility which is treated by the Council as a single rateable assessment, the following ratepayers/groups of ratepayers would attract an entitlement vote from such premises:

• Any person who is the sole owner of the facility;

• Any person who is the sole occupier of the facility;

• If there are joint owners or owners in common of the facility – those joint owners or owners in common as a group;

• If there are joint occupiers of the facility – those joint occupiers as a group.

In effect, premises such as these could provide a maximum of two votes: one for the owner (or group of owners), and one for the occupier (or group of occupiers). It is noted that in order for an occupier (or group of occupiers) to qualify for enrolment, they must be included on the Council’s assessment record as the occupier for that assessment.

It is also important to note that merely using a shared workspace or car park does not necessarily make the user an “occupier” – the question of whether a person is an occupier is highly dependent upon the particular legal arrangements in place at the relevant facility.

We recommend you direct your questions to the Rates and Voters Roll team at [email protected]

Under the Local Government (Elections) Act 1999 (SA), all electoral material has to include a statement about who authorised and/or printed it. This legislation applies to everyone, not just candidates.

If you see anything that you think is intended to influence the result of the election, that doesn’t include the authorisation, you can contact the Electoral Commission of South Australia.

You will need to let them know, in writing:

  • exactly where the sign is, and provide a photograph if possible; or
  • include a copy of printed material; or
  • provide the date, time and details of the social media account on which it was posted.