We’ve invited e-scooters back to the city. Check directly with the companies for updates.

The companies will be required to clean their scooters regularly, track usage for any contact tracing, and work with the health authorities.

The City of Adelaide has provided two e-scooter operators with a trial permit to operate within defined areas of the City and North Adelaide.


E-scooter schemes operate in several cities in Australia. The e-scooters, operated in Adelaide by Beam and Neuron, are unlocked using a smartphone app and are fitted with GPS tracking so that users and the operator can easily find them.

Getting started

To ride an e-scooter in the city and North Adelaide, you will need to be at least 18 years old. 

Simply download the Beam or Neuron app to your mobile device and then create an account, which includes payment details. As part of the account set-up you'll receive information about responsible riding and public safety while operating and riding the scooters. 

When you're ready, use the app to locate and unlock e-scooters.

E-scooter laws and road rules

E-scooter use is subject to regulations and the Australian Road Rules. For rules applying to riding e-scooters in South Australia please visit the MyLicence website

South Australian Police can issue penalties for any breaches of the Australian Road Rules or offences that may apply.

Only e-scooters operated by the approved providers are permitted by the City of Adelaide in the 'trial area'. A map of the area is shown below and available through the provider apps. Riders are not allowed to use e-scooters in Rundle Mall at any time, or the City West Declared Public Precinct during the operating times (6:00 pm to 6:00 am Fridays and Saturdays). For more information regarding declared public precincts visit the SA Police website.

The e-scooters are geo-fenced and cannot be ridden or parked outside the trial area. Riders must park their e-scooter within the trial area in order to finalise the trip. If left outside the boundary, riders may continue to be charged.

Adelaide scooter map


If you have any questions about e-scooters please contact Beam and Neuron customer service through the app, website, phone or email. 

If you have any concerns regarding poorly parked scooters, user behaviour, and collisions, accidents or injuries associated with e-scooters contact the provider customer service by phone or email.

Beam Customer Support Line (Purple)

Neuron Customer Support Line (Orange)

08 7444 4676

City of Adelaide Customer Centre can respond to feedback and questions regarding the e-scooter permits