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Enrolling to Vote

The Council election for 2018 is now complete and the next election will be held in November 2022.

Who can be enrolled?

It’s important to know what makes up the City of Adelaide, and an easy way to remember that is that it’s everything within the Adelaide Park Lands: North Adelaide and the city centre.

If you’re 18 years or older you can apply for enrolment if:

  • You’ve been a resident in the City of Adelaide for at least one month before rolls close.

If you’re an Australian Citizen and have recently moved to the City of Adelaide, make sure your enrolment is updated with the Australian Electoral Commission.

If you’re not an Australian citizen you can enrol directly with the City of Adelaide using the Resident/Sole Owner/Sole Occupier form. 

  • You’re an owner of land in the council area (ie. a landlord).

You will automatically be included on the voters roll if you own property in the City.  If however you have recently purchased the property and have not yet received a rates notice, it is best to ensure we have your details by completing the relevant form, or register your details online.

  • You’re an occupier of a property in the council area, other than a resident (ie. a business lessee).

If you own a business in the City of Adelaide – even if you don’t necessarily own the property you’re in – you can enrol. It’s really important that you ensure Council has your details by completing the relevant form, or register your details online.

Do I Need to Enrol to Vote?

Residential Applicants: Individual Owners and Occupiers of Residential Property

Non-Residential Applicants: Non-Residential Owners/Occupiers, and Group Owners/Occupiers of Any Type of Property

Am I Enrolled?

It’s important to remember that not everyone needs to enrol for Council elections in order to be included.

You will automatically be enrolled if you are:

·         A resident and you are already on the Federal Electoral Roll (for the House of Assembly) at an address within the Council area; or

·         A property owner who pays rates

To check your enrolment, residents on the House of Assembly Roll can use the Australian Electoral Commission checking tool. Property owners and occupiers can check using the City of Adelaide Electoral Roll Search tool.

If you don’t fit either of the above criteria, or you can’t find your details in one of the above search functions, you need to make sure you register as an occupier or as a resident.

How do I Enrol?

There are four ways to enrol, but you only need to complete only one:

If you have recently purchased premises in the city and you have not yet received a rate notice, or if you occupy premises in the City and the rates are paid by your landlord or property manager, please complete the appropriate application form or register your details online.

All applications can be forwarded to:

City of Adelaide
Rates & Valuation
Reply Paid 2252
Adelaide SA 5001

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