Hutt Street Shop Window Lighting Project

Light up your shop window with up to 80% funding.

Members of the Hutt Street Round Table invite Hutt Street Traders to get involved in the Hutt Street Shop Window Lighting Project to enhance shop and street appeal.

The City of Adelaide will jointly fund this project with up to 100 businesses to install flood lights to light up your ground floor shop window and the footpath in the vicinity of your businesses.

Apollo Lighting Service is the selected partner to deliver this project.

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The Shop Window Lighting Project will help

  • Shop fronts be more well-lit to attract more attention
  • Create a place that feels more open and vibrant for the community to take advantage of
  • Improve security and safety after hours

Businesses and commercial property owners located at street level along Hutt Street are eligible to register their interest to opt-in for the Hutt Street Shop Window Lighting Project.

Properties owned and managed by the City of Adelaide or a State or Federal Government agency are not eligible for funding.

Hutt Street Shop Window Lighting Project locations:

Map of Hutt Street Window Lighting Project locations

Registration opens from Monday 22 March 2021.

Registration will remain open until the funding is fully subscribed by the first 100 eligible businesses that have booked an installation.

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The City of Adelaide will fund 80% of the project cost and businesses who opt-in will fund 20%.

Project cost                                 $775.00 + GST = $852.50

City of Adelaide 80% funding      $620.00 + GST = $682.00

Business 20% opt-in fund           $155.00 + GST = $170.50

The funding will cover:

  • 2 x 10-watt LED outdoor flood lights focusing on lighting up the shop windows and footpath
  • A daylight sensor to turn the lights on automatically from dusk until dawn
  • Electrical connection subject to suitable power access
  • Electrical works within business hours from 7:00 am till 3:00 pm

The funding does not cover:

  • Any additional costs to install power (eg additional circuit breaker, additional outlet)
  • Any additional cost for works to be completed out of indicated business hours
  • Ongoing running cost for the LED flood lights. The running cost is estimated at $2 per month.
  • Register your interest online from Monday 22 March 2021.
  • To complete your registration form we only require:

    • your business name and contact details
    • preferred appointment dates/times
    • confirmation that you have the building owners permission for installation.
  • Registration will remain open until the funding is fully subscribed by the first 100 eligible businesses that have booked and paid 20% towards an installation.
  • Within four weeks of registration, Apollo Lighting Service will contact you to review your electrical configuration to assess suitability.
  • If suitable, you will receive an upfront invoice from Apollo Lighting Service of $170.50 ($155 + GST) which must be paid to book your installation and secure the funding support from the City of Adelaide.
  • The timeline for installation will be over the next 6 months.

Need more information?

For further information about the project contact:

Jen West, City of Adelaide

Colette Slight, Hutt Street Traders Association Inc.

For assistance with the electrical connection for this project, contact:

Apollo Lighting Service