21 Mar, 2019

Leafies drop in to the City of Adelaide

‘Leafies’ are plant sculptures made from Autumn leaves collected last year from Botanic Park for a special art installation for WOMADelaide, commissioned by the festival from French performance installation company Le Phun, and supported by the City of Adelaide.

Having emerged at WOMADelaide, the Leafies are curious to explore the City of Adelaide as a special UNESCO City of Music, carrying the WOMADelaide spirit beyond Botanic Park

Le Phun together with students and graduates from the Adelaide Central School of Art, have created these beguiling figures who evoke a special sense of the natural world as they appear in all sorts of unexpected locations throughout the city. Born from the autumn leaves, Leafies perch in trees, on street lamps, appear on the streets and even on the facades of buildings.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said that the Leafies would bring some intrigue to the city’s streets.

“The City of Adelaide is excited to partner with WOMAD on this fun and creative project that will surprise and delight.

“It’s also a great opportunity for our local South Australian artists to gain experience working with international artists.

“The Leafies will appear and migrate to unexpected places throughout the city, so make sure you look up and around to catch sight of these mysterious, unpredictable and very human-like creatures.”

Ian Scobie, WOMADelaide Director, said that Leafies would bring some delightful magic to the City of Adelaide.

“While WOMADelaide has come to a close for another year, the Leafies spirit of curiosity will emerge from Botanic Park to explore the city so they can see the people of Adelaide.

“Leafies are curious and like to observe humans and to imitate what they see in us so keep a look out for these unexpected and curious visitors as they move throughout the city.”

The Leafies will pop-up at various locations in the City of Adelaide from 15 March until 28 April 2019.

To find out more go to cityofadelaide.com.au/leafies.

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Paula Stevens