09 Mar, 2021

Welcoming young people to the city

The content of this media release is over six months old and may no longer be current.

The Lord Mayor has launched a new welcoming space for young people in the south west triangle of Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga.

The initiative is all about celebrating the importance of young people to the city’s culture and increasing their sense of welcome and engagement with the city environment.

Young people at high school or university who regularly use the city were consulted to determine the location and elements what would make the space welcoming.

The south west triangle of Tarntanyangga / Victoria Square was identified as a preferred location because it offers proximity to public toilets, public transport and the Central Market for affordable food and drink options. Existing benches, a water bubbler, grassed areas including a mound, and mature trees also make the area an ideal gathering point.

Consultation and focus groups also identified the need for phone charging, Wi-Fi and Instagram-able public art elements to designate the area as a focal point for youth social connection. The next stage of the consultation process is to engage young people in naming the space and a prize of a $100 Adelaide Central Market voucher is on offer for the best name.

Dave Court was selected as the artist to deliver a new public artwork to provide an interactive experience which will create Instagram-able shareable social media moments. The artwork is proposed to be a series of large cylindrical shapes, transitioning in shape, colour and texture across the grassy space. These will be hardy and sturdy to be able to provide seating, leaning, hangout space and hold up to climbing, jumping and anything that they may be subjected to in public space. The work will be fabricated and installed by Iguana Creative.

The Sedi, an environmentally friendly solar powered smart bench, will also be used in the space. It incorporates lighting and phone charging and can be linked to WiFi.

The Lord Mayor, who will launch the space this afternoon, said the City of Adelaide was determined to create a space in the City that reflects the needs and interests of young people. This space has been designed to feel youthful, comfortable and welcoming. 

“Young people are so important to this city and this is about showing them that they’re always welcome – and what better way to do that than by providing a dedicated welcoming space like this,” said the Lord Mayor.

“I’ll be joined by high school and international students who helped deliver this space, our artist Dave Court and emerging musician Baby Mo (Erin Moller) who will entertain us all.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing young people not only today but regularly at this part of Victoria Square / Tarntanyangga as this is now their very own space to enjoy.”

About the Artist

Dave Court is a multi-disciplinary artist working in areas of painting, design and installation. His current work includes large scale mural painting, event activation, venue design and creation of immersive installations.

Dave has experience with a range of different projects including award winning immersive art project Mr IST, ethical clothing brand foolsandtrolls, retail store/art space Created Range, street press Yewth Magazine and festival design with RCC and Adelaide Fringe.

Dave works as a full-time artist, heavily involved with public art, as well as art direction and curation along with his ongoing studio practice.

His process driven style involves experimentation with gesture, abstraction, and oscillation between digital and physical representations.

Competition link: https://explore.cityofadelaide.com.au/competition/

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