18 Oct, 2019

Try an Electric Vehicle At Electrikhana this Sunday

The latest models of electric vehicles will be on display and several models will be available for free rides this Sunday at Electrikhana, to be held at The Joinery in Franklin Street, free entry from 10am – 4pm.

Electric vehicle enthusiasts and those who are thinking about going down the EV path are all welcome to come along and see the latest electric cars, e-bikes and scooters.

Models will include Tesla Model X and Model 3, Hyundai Kona and Ioniq, Tesla Model S, Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i8, Mitsubishi PHEV Outlander, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Mini Countryman, Renault Zoe and Kangoo, along with older models and electric vehicle conversions PLUS a new prototype ACE cargo van proposed to be assembled in Adelaide.

Visitors will also be able to look at and chat to experts about charging equipment, classic car conversions, bi-directional charging, solar and home batteries.

There will be expert talks in the seminar room about various EV related topics, such as the health benefits of using electric vehicles, the effects of EVs on the grid, EVs in business and the experience of those who own and travel longer distances using EVs.

Minister for Energy and Mining, the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, said that events such as Electrikhana are important to demonstrate the variety of electric vehicles now available and how far they’ve progressed.

“Electrification of transport is being driven globally by the expectation of lower carbon emissions, more liveable cities and improved public health outcomes.

“Global growth will ensure that over time costs will continue to come down, making EVs more attractive and accessible to a wider group of consumers.

“Electric vehicles are quieter, better for local air quality, reduce carbon emissions and are cheaper to run and maintain.

“Electrikhana is a perfect opportunity for people to come along and try out the latest in electric vehicles and chat to experts about what’s available.”

City of Adelaide Councillor Rob Simms said that the City of Adelaide is seeking to be the centre of South Australia’s emerging electric vehicle charging network for visitors and tourists.

“Global demand for electric vehicles is growing rapidly and the City of Adelaide is “EV ready”. There are now 32 off-street and 14 on-street EV charging stations, in locations which are very convenient to popular attractions like the Central Market, Rundle and Melbourne Streets,” said Councillor Simms.

“The City of Adelaide supports the take-up of new technology to decarbonise transport and make Adelaide even more liveable. Council provides rebates to tenants and property owners installing electric vehicle chargers of up to $5,000 per station.

“Events like Electrikhana can show people just how easy it is to make the switch to an electric vehicle.”

Electrikhana is part of a national series of display and drive days, providing an opportunity for people to experience the latest in electric vehicles by either looking, riding (in or on) or driving any of a number of cars, bikes, scooters or bicycles powered by electricity.

The event is hosted by The Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA). AEVA is a volunteer run, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the cause of switching Australia's transport networks to electric drive as quickly as possible.

Sally Knight, Chair of the SA branch of the Australian Electric Vehicle Association said, “The Australian Electric Vehicle Association runs events like Electrikhana in each state to enable the public to see the latest models and experience the benefits of an electric drive.

“It gives people an opportunity to ask questions such as what models are available, how far can I go on a charge, where can I charge and what will it cost.

“Come along on Sunday and learn all this and more from people who drive an EV every day.”

Electrikahana, a FREE event, is on Sunday 20 October from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm at The Joinery, 111 Franklin Street Adelaide. Passenger rides available on the day in a range of production models.

Media Call Sunday 20 October, 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM

The Minister for Energy and Mining the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, City of Adelaide Councillor Robert Simms, and Sally Knight from AEVA will be available for media interviews from 9:30 am, with speeches to follow at 10:00 am. Media are invited to come along for interviews and filming.

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