26 Mar, 2020

Statement from the CEO - Business Continuity Plan enacted

“The City of Adelaide Executive team has made the decision to enact our Business Continuity Plan for four weeks, effective close of business Wednesday 25 March for our indoor workforce and close of business 27 March for our Public Realm team.

“This means that we will continue to provide essential services to our community but with a reduced capacity.

“Our Business Continuity Plans were created to help us balance our responsibility to protect the health of our staff and our community, while still providing our most critical services to the community.

“We are no longer in a position to facilitate the appropriate social distancing and provide a safe working environment for all of our people to continue to work as they normally would and for us to continue to provide all of our services in a business as usual way.

“Unfortunately, we also do not have capacity for all our people to productively and meaningfully work from home simultaneously. Not all of our people can meaningfully work from home either. We will use this four-week period to build the capacity of our systems and technology to increase the number of people who can meaningfully and productively work from home, and plan for how to reactivate our people and our services in four weeks’ time.

“We will endeavour to minimise the impact this has on our community but inevitably there will be reduced levels of service and there will be some non-essential services that we will not focus on in the next four weeks.

“We will ensure our website contains the most recent updates (including about service delivery) and we will continue to communicate via our social media channels.

“I recognise this is a very challenging time for our community. COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our lives but I am confident that the decisions made to date have been the right ones for our people and our community.

“I believe this decision is also the right one with the information we have at hand and allows us to fulfil our duty of care to our staff and our community while still providing the services they need.”

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