08 Oct, 2019

Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety on The Agenda This Tuesday

The City of Adelaide will vote on two projects this Tuesday evening that will help make the city an even safer place for pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillors will be asked to authorise the Chief Executive Officer to prepare detailed design and cost estimation for kerb extensions on Flinders Street adjacent Pilgrim Lane.

The kerb extensions would involve an extension of the existing footpath area on both sides of the street to beyond the edge of the parking bays. The extensions would provide a safe storage area for people waiting to cross, reduce crossing distance and provide a clearer view of oncoming traffic, unobscured by parked vehicles.

Councillors will also vote on whether a detailed design and cost estimation should be prepared for a bicycle hook turn and western pedestrian crossing at the intersection of North Terrace and George Street for Council’s further consideration.

A petition has been presented to Council requesting cyclist safety improvements at the intersection and proposing possible upgrades.

Funds for both projects would be requested as part of the 2020/21 Integrated Business Plan and Budget.

Lord Mayor Sandy Verschoor said both projects demonstrate that people’s safety is always top of mind for Councillors.

“I think these are two very worthwhile projects that would clearly result in a safer and more accessible city and I look forward to the discussion on Tuesday,” said the Lord Mayor.

“Any initiative that helps to make the city safer and easier to navigate will always be seriously considered by Councillors.

“The bicycle hook turn is yet another way of making our city even more bike-friendly at a time when we’re encouraging more people to ride a bike for their own health benefits, to help the environment and to reduce traffic congestion.”

Two motions on notice and a question on notice have also been lodged ahead of the meeting.

More information is available in the agenda.

The Council meeting commences at 6:00pm on Tuesday, 8 October.

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