24 Apr, 2015

Hindley Street West Speed Limit To Increase

The speed limit in Hindley Street West, between Liverpool and Register Streets, will increase to 30km/h from Monday 27 April.

Jointly funded by the Commonwealth Government, the State Government, City of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, the Hindley Street West project, completed in June last year, was designed to create a pedestrian-friendly, innovative mixed traffic environment in the growing education and health precinct.

Since its completion, issues with a lack of traction on the paved road surface resulted in the speed limit being temporarily reduced to 10km/h to maintain safety for all road users.

A coating has recently been applied to the road surface, successfully increasing traction and so allowing the speed limit to safely be increased.

Corporate Manager, Infrastructure Management, Phillip Burton said that a good outcome had been achieved for all users of the area.

“This section of Hindley Street was designed to achieve a traffic speed of 30km/h to allow for the safe integration of bikes and motor vehicles with increased safety for pedestrians.

“We have also received positive feedback from some traders, stating that they support a speed limit lower than the default 50km/h speed limit.

“A 30km/h speed limit been recommended as the most appropriate speed limit as it complements this unique environment and is a safe speed for all users of the area,” Phillip said.

Under the Australian Standards, 30km/h speed limits are recommended in environments where pedestrians and cyclists intermingle with motor vehicles.

Towards Zero Together – South Australia’s Road Safety Strategy 2020 states that research suggests that should a crash occur between a person or a cyclist and a vehicle travelling at 30km/h the likelihood of significant harm is greatly reduced when compared to the default speed limit of 50km/h.

The Streets for People Compendium for South Australian Practice also recommends a maximum speed of 30km/h to allow for safe mixing of bikes and motor vehicles.

The innovative design of Hindley Street West promotes an environment that encourages people to stay and enjoy what is on offer in the precinct. The 30km/h speed limit is not anticipated to create any delays for motorists.

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