16 Dec, 2015

Council Makes History With New Member Sworn In

For the first time in its 175 year history, City of Adelaide has conducted an official Council meeting with an even number of men and women as members.

With former City of Adelaide general manager Sandy Verschoor being sworn in last night, six female members now represent their local community on Council.

Sandy joins Natasha Malani, Anne Moran, Megan Hender, Priscilla Corbell and Susan Clearihan as female Councillors who all do outstanding work as community leaders.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said City of Adelaide had a growing reputation as a forward-thinking and progressive Council and that Sandy Verschoor’s election was great news for Council.

“Governments should be truly representative of their community and, with Sandy being sworn in, we have true gender equality on Council – and that should be celebrated,” said Martin.

“It’s a first and we’re proud to be a city of firsts that has excellent form in celebrating equality and diversity, and in being a leader in so many different areas.

“We led the way on giving women the vote, on decriminalising homosexuality and we’re constantly trying to be innovative and to break new ground in this city.

“Last night we also elected Councillor Megan Hender to take on the role of Deputy Lord Mayor in February, which is fantastic news and I know Megan will do an outstanding job.”

Councillor Verschoor said that she was humbled and honoured to be elected as a member of a Council that has made history.

“I think we should all be very proud of this first for City of Adelaide,” said Sandy.

“Hopefully it can inspire women around the state to stand for local government and leadership positions in general.

“The numbers show us that women are still under-represented on boards and in other leadership positions, and I’m pleased to say that this is not the case at City of Adelaide.”

Cllr Natasha Malani, Cllr Megan Hender, Cllr Sandy Verschoor, Cllr Susan Clearihan, Cllr Anne Moran, Cllr Priscilla Corbell

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