11 Mar, 2020

City-wide campaign to support CBD economy

The City of Adelaide is launching a new campaign to support local traders by encouraging visitors and workers to explore more of our wonderful capital city.

The #myadelaide campaign is focused on enticing workers to spend more time in the city outside of work hours, helping residents discover new places or rediscover their old favourites and attracting more visitors to the city. Commencing at the end of March, the campaign will run throughout autumn using a range of outdoor, digital and radio advertising.

Adelaide CBD businesses – just like businesses throughout the nation – are feeling the impact of recent environmental factors, including bushfires, drought and the global impact of corona virus.

So Council is taking action to help boost spending within the city and increase the amount of time people spend in the city – whether that be shopping, dining, socialising or hotel stays.

The Lord Mayor of Adelaide, Sandy Verschoor, said that the City of Adelaide always has a vital role to play in the growth of the city but especially so during more challenging times.

“I’m driving this campaign as we’re determined to help stimulate expenditure in the CBD and extend the amount of time people are spending here shopping, dining and socialising,” said the Lord Mayor.

“This campaign sends a clear signal that we’re standing with our traders to do everything within our power to help them during a more challenging period.

“We want to see people lingering longer after work, discovering surprising places in the city and we want more people visiting Rundle Mall and North Adelaide’s mainstreets to shop or coming into Chinatown for a meal with friends.

“People always talk about how vibrant Adelaide is at this time of the year but these great, authentic experiences the city provides will remain in the months ahead.

“I want people to discover new laneways and new bars and consider staying the night after a show as there’s never been a more important or better time to do so.

“This isn’t about asking people to spend huge amounts of money. Lingering after work for a drink and a meal, buying a coffee in the morning or taking an e-caddy trip all helps our local traders.

“I’m also strongly supportive of recent announcements such as the trial of Sunday trading at Adelaide Central Market and the Central Market Arcade. This all helps boost the city economy and makes the city an even more vibrant place to live, work and play.”

More details about the #myadelaide campaign will be available soon.

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