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Electric Vehicles

We are ready! The City of Adelaide has a network of public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that is growing.

BYO charging cable

Our fast chargers (AC 22kW) are equipped with a Type 2 (Mennekes) socket. To use our chargers, you will need to bring your own cable with a Type 2 (Mennekes) plug to connect with our EV charging station. 

The two 50kW DC super-fast chargers at the EV Charging Hub on Franklin Street, Adelaide have tethered cables (1 x CCS Type 1, 1 x CCS Type 2, and 2 x CHAdeMO).

The two 15-Amp  EV power points at UPark Grote are available on Level 1 for vehicles that use a cable with a conventional wall plug (AU/NZ).

Contact your vehicle supplier or go online to source the appropriate cable for your vehicle.

Payment Options

At UPark Central Market you can pay using your debit or credit card   or the Chargefox App.

For all locations, payment can be made using the Chargefox app.

Download the Chargefox App to your mobile phone, register as a customer, plug in and power up. The Chargefox App is available for download through Google Play and App Store.

Instructions for use can be found on the EV charging stations.

Service Fees

Following a free introductory period, The following electric vehicle charging service fees came into operation in mid-June 2018.

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New UPark EV Parking System

The City of Adelaide have developed a smart electric vehicle (EV) parking system. The EV parking system helps with the sharing of car parks in peak times. It combines occupancy sensors and overhead indicator lights that match electric vehicle parking space availability to demand in periods of high car park usage.

The system will minimise the potential of vacant electric vehicle parking spaces.

A red light will indicate the space is occupied, an orange light will indicate a space for an electric vehicle only and a green light will indicate a space available for all vehicles.

The system will also manage total electricity demand from the charger to ensure that electric vehicle charging does not affect the building or the local electricity network.


Rebates of up to $5,000 are available when installing an eligible electric vehicle charging station, via the City of Adelaide Sustainability Incentives Scheme.

Project Partners include: Government of South Australia, SA Power Networks, Mitsubishi Motors, Adelaide Central Markets and Tesla.

EV Charging Station FAQs

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Current fees

Fast chargers (AC <22kW)

First hour



6am - 6pm, Monday - Friday

$0.20 per kWh *


All other times

$0.10 per kWh *


Super-fast chargers (DC <50kW) 109 Franklin Street, Adelaide

All times

$0.30 per kWh


UPark Grote15-Amp EV power points

All times


*A minimum fee of $1 applies after the first hour

EV charging service fee payments are made via the Chargefox App at all locations, and Credit/Debit Card payment is also available at UPark Central Market.

On-street - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

70 Light Square, Adelaide – 2 charging points

47 Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide - 2 charging points (2 hours free parking)

61 Jerningham St, North Adelaide - 2 charging points

109 Franklin St, Adelaide - Electric Vehicle Charging Hub – 4 City of Adelaide charging points and 4 Tesla charging points (2 hours free parking).

First hour fee for 22kW AC electric vehicle charging services. Normal on-street parking fees and time limits apply. Please refer to parking signs in each location.

Off-street - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The City of Adelaide’s off-street electric vehicles charging stations are located at:

UPark Rundle – 11 x 22kW charging points

UPark Central Market – 11 x 22kW charging points

UPark Wyatt – 4 x 22kW charging points (Contact UPark to secure a Permanent Reserve EV bay)

UPark Topham – 4 x 22kW charging points (Contact UPark to secure a Permanent Reserve EV bay)

UPark Grote - 2 x 15-Amp EV power points

Normal UPark parking rates apply, however the first hour of EV charging is free.

Can all models of EV use the charging stations available in the City of Adelaide?

Yes, all models on sale and planned for sale in Australia as at September 2018 are compatible with the City of Adelaide’s stations. The Tesla chargers at the EV Charging Hub are only compatible with Tesla vehicles.

Do I need to download an app and register to use the chargers?

Yes, currently customers need to use the Chargefox App on their mobile smart phone.

Trials of contactless payment via payWave are being carried out at UPark Central Market from September 2018, prior to a planned roll out at all charging stations.

I’d like to install an electric vehicle charging station – what do I do?

What are the benefits of owning an EV?

Electric vehicle drivers report that their cars are quieter than conventional internal combustion engines, offer superior performance, cost less to run and maintain and they are more convenient as they no longer need to make a separate stop to refill at a petrol station.

Electric vehicle owners are also able to charge their car at home using off-peak electricity, further reducing the operating cost of ownership.

Electric vehicles also generate no tail pipe emissions, so they contribute to improved local air quality, including in your garage at home.

With approximately 50 per cent of the electricity in South Australia already generated by renewable energy sources, households and businesses switching to electric vehicles will significantly reduce their carbon emissions from transport.

It is forecast that approximately 73 per cent of South Australia’s electricity generation will be from renewable sources in 2020-21, so driving electric vehicles will mean households and businesses can contribute less to climate change.

Why is the City of Adelaide spending money on EV charging stations?

Internationally, electric vehicle sales increased by 57 per cent in 2017 and there are now over 4 million EVs on the road. Whilst it took 60 months to sell the first 1 million cars, it now takes only 6 months for 1 million cars to be sold.

As major vehicle manufacturers have announced that they will offer electric versions of most vehicles by 2025, it is expected that the rate of sales growth will continue to accelerate.

Recognising this global trend, the City of Adelaide has invested in charging stations to position Adelaide as a hub for electric vehicles and ensure that tourists and South Australian regional communities have access to EV charging services when they visit the City.

Furthermore, electric vehicles will provide better outcomes for residents, the economy and local business, create investment opportunities, and increase the liveability of our city whilst decreasing carbon emissions.

What type of charging cable will be required?

Electric vehicles in Australia are equipped with either a Type 1 or a Type 2 socket. The City of Adelaide’s charging stations are equipped with a Type 2 socket/s for AC charging.

Vehicle owners will need to purchase their own cable to use the EV charging services (Either a Type 2 to Type 2 or Type 2 to Type 1 cable). Cables are available online from various retailers including local South Australian companies.

Do electric vehicles simply switch emissions from oil to coal?

In 2017, 49 per cent of the electricity generated in South Australia was from wind and solar power. The means that the carbon emissions from electric vehicles in South Australia are already lower than a petrol or diesel car. The Australian Energy Market Operator has forecast that by 2020-2021, 73 per cent of South Australian electricity generation will be from renewable sources.

Emissions can be further reduced by powering charging stations from rooftop solar systems. At present, there are 50kW solar systems on UPark Rundle St, UPark Central Market and Upark Grote St. We are currently delivering a project that will see another 800 kW of solar power installed on our other facilities, including two carparks.

How many electric cars are there in Adelaide?

Approximately one thousand electric vehicles were sold in SA between 2011-2017. Nationally there was a 67 per cent increase in sales from 2016-2017 (The State of Electric Vehicles in Australia, 2018, ClimateWorks Australia). With new models of Nissan, Audi, Tesla and Hyundai due for release in the coming months, we are prepared for the steep growth in demand.

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