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Electric Vehicles

Accelerating the transition to zero emission electric vehicles (EVs) is essential to reduce transport carbon emissions and to improve the air quality in cities. 

Installing EV charging stations will strategically place Adelaide at the hub of South Australia’s emerging EV charging network.

With 35% of the City’s operational carbon emissions coming from transport, and 90% of that from private passenger cars, the City of Adelaide is committed to providing a range of incentives to encourage electric and low-emission vehicles. 

Welcome to the new City of Adelaide Electric Vehicle Charging Hub

The City of Adelaide proudly collaborated with SA Power Networks, Mitsubishi Motors, Tesla and the Government of South Australia to launch the City of Adelaide Electric Vehicle Charging Hub.  

Located at 109 Franklin Street (next to the Adelaide Central Bus Station) the Hub provides electric vehicle charging services for up to 8 vehicles.

Compatible with all current plug-in electric vehicle models, the Hub is equipped with:

  • 2 Fast Charging Stations (AC 22kW) – City of Adelaide service
  • 2 Super Fast Charging Stations (DC 50kW) – City of Adelaide service
  • 4 Tesla Superchargers (125 kW) – Tesla service

City of Adelaide Electric Vehicle Charging Service Fees

To support operational testing, the City of Adelaide electric vehicle charging services will be FREE during October and November 2017.

From December, customers will need to use the Chargefox app to pay for charging services. (Available late October 2017 from your app store)

The following charging fees will apply for the City of Adelaide chargers until 30 June 2018:

City of Adelaide Fast Charging Stations (AC 22kW)


Over 1 hour:

$0.20 per kWh (6am – 6pm Mon – Fri)

$0.10 per kWh (at all other times)

City of Adelaide Super Fast Charging Stations (DC 50kW)

$0.30 per kWh (at all times)

Parking spaces at the Hub will be designated as Permit Zone – Electric Vehicle Exempt. 

No additional parking fees will apply. 

Simply park, plug in and power up

Instructions for use can be found on the charging stations. 

BYO charging cable for the City of Adelaide Fast Charging Stations (AC 22kW)  

To reduce trip and electrical hazards when not in use, the City of Adelaide Fast Chargers (AC 22kW) use a ‘bring your own cable’ model. You will need a cable with a type 2 connection plug. Contact your vehicle supplier or go online to source the appropriate cable for your vehicle. 

Early Model Electric Vehicles – 15 Amp Outlets

If you have portable charger or require a standard power point to charge your vehicle, the City of Adelaide offers free charging services from 2 X15 Amp power points in the UPark on Grote at 82 Grote Street.

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