City of Adelaide Representation Review

The Representation Review process requires each Council to undertake a review of all aspects of its composition and the division (or potential division) of the Council area into wards.

Representation Review must be completed in accordance with the requirements of Section 12 of the Act to ensure fair and equitable representation of all City of Adelaide electors.

What does this review include?

The principal member of Council:

  • whether it should be a Lord Mayor elected by the community, or
  • a Lord Mayor selected by (and from amongst) the elected members;

The composition of Council, including:

  • the number of elected members required to provide fair and adequate representation to the community;
  • the division of the Council area into wards or the abolition of wards;
  • is there a need or benefit for area councillors in addition to ward councillors (where the Council area is to be divided into wards);
  • if wards are to be retained, is there a need to change ward boundaries, the level of ward representation within, and the names of, any future proposed wards.

How can I have a say?

Following consultation on the Options Paper/s and pursuant to section 12(8a) of the Act, the City of Adelaide has prepared a Draft Representation Review report (the 'Report') which details the outcome of public consultation undertaken on the Options Paper/s.

Consultation is open from Friday 24 September until Friday 15 October on Council's preferred option.

Public Hearing

Any person making a submission will be invited to appear before a meeting of Council to be heard in support of their submission, or raise any new matters not included in their written comments. The Public Hearing will be held at 5.00pm, Tuesday 19 October 2021 in the Colonel Light Room, Adelaide Town Hall. Respondents will have 5 minutes maximum to be heard during the meeting. Please note: pending the number of persons wishing to be publicly heard, the public hearing may be rescheduled. If you wish to be heard by the Council at the public hearing, please register your attendance with an email to [email protected]

Visit Your Say for more information on the City of Adelaide Representation review consultation process.

Need more information?

Further information regarding the Elector Representation Review can also be obtained by contacting:

Jess Dillon

Team Leader, Governance

Ph: 08 8203 7014

Email: [email protected]