What is Circular Economy?

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Clean up Australia

Clean Up Australia Day inspires and empowers communities to make a difference in their own backyard by preventing rubbish entering our environment and removing what has already accumulated, including litter.

On Sunday 6 March 2022, you can take part in a local Clean Up Australia Day event. Take a look to see what’s happening in a postcode near you.

You can also organise your own Clean up event in the City of Adelaide by visiting the City of Adelaide’s registration website.

City of Adelaide’s ‘Zero-Waste’ Vision

The City of Adelaide is working hard to create a more efficient and environmentally friendly system for all people who Live, Work and Play within the City of Adelaide.

We are developing new programs to meet our Resource Recovery Vision - to be the first city in Australia to achieve ‘zero avoidable waste to landfill’ (zero-waste).

Find out more about what we are doing for our community to reduce litter, recover our resources, reduce waste sent to landfill, and work toward a more circular economy by viewing the City of Adelaide’s Resource Recovery (Organics, Recycling and Waste) Strategy and Action Plan 2020-2028.

What is Circular Economy?

Natural resources are needed to make the products and things we use every day, however more is used than can be regenerated each year. This ‘linear economy’ follows a ‘take, make & waste’ model, and results in lost resources and lots of waste.

But there is a better way!

A ‘circular economy’ is a process where all materials are seen as valuable, with products being used for as long as possible before recovering those resources for future use.

This results in less waste, fewer greenhouse gas emissions, fewer natural resources being used, and an increased potential of economic growth and greater employment opportunities.

How can you play your part?

  • Getting a kitchen caddy to divert your food scraps from landfill. The City of Adelaide provides a free Kitchen Caddy Kit to all its residents.
  • Taking advantage of City of Adelaide’s ‘Green waste and mulch centre’. You can drop off organic material here, and purchase quality mulch for your garden.
  • Getting a hold of our education resources which are available from the City of Adelaide’s Community Centres, Libraries, Customer Centre and on our website. You can get handy fliers, calendars and more to help make sure you know which bin to use.
  • Visiting Clean Up Australia to learn about proactive changes you can make today that will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill.