A city for cyclists

Adelaide is an ideal city for riding bikes. In the city, riders enjoy the wide, flat, easy to navigate streets, while the surrounding Park Lands have a variety of dedicated bike paths, perfect for relaxing journeys.

The City of Adelaide recognises the many benefits of cycling – from reduced road congestion and carbon emissions to the health, wellbeing and economic benefits everyone. It has introduced a number of initiatives to make cycling easier, and safer in the city.

Bike lanes

As you move throughout the city, you’ll see bike lanes some of which are painted in green. These allow safe and quick passage, and many also have a dedicated “bike box” – a green box at the head of intersections. Riders can wait here at the head of traffic, where they are easily seen and can then pull away safely from the intersection.

Separated bikeways

The City of Adelaide, in conjunction with the State Government, has committed $12 million to build two separated bikeways through the city and Park Lands: one from north to south, and one from east to west.