20 Feb, 2014

Waymouth Street Set To Party This Friday

The Waymouth Street parties are back for the third year in a row and promise to offer more fabulous food, street theatre, roaming performers, live music and glorious fun from 4pm until 10pm.

Presented by Splash Adelaide, the first party will be this Friday 21 February, followed by a second on 7 March.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood said that the past Waymouth Street parties have been very popular.

“They’re a great way to relax into the weekend, grab a bite to eat, enjoy some entertainment and the laid-back atmosphere of a summer evening,” he said.

“It’s also an opportunity for the traders in this foodie hotspot to showcase their unique dining experiences.

“People enjoy seeing streets being used in different ways and the street will be closed to traffic from Waymouth Place to Topham Mall. The last three years of Splash Adelaide has opened many people’s eyes to the possibilities within our city,” Stephen said.

Street theatre will include award-winning magician and escapologist Tony Roberts, Tallulah and the Ladder of Men, singing, juggling and acrobatic comedians Kiki and Pascal, and Jack of All Trades who uses all of the tools of his trade to wow, entertain and thrill.

There will be plenty of music throughout the night including Adelaide singer and guitarist Fred Fudara, South Australian singer-songwriter Georgia Germein, multi-award winning blues singer-songwriter and slide guitarist Cal Williams Jr, and folk music with an Eastern European flavour from Golonka. DJ TR!P will see the night out on a high with his mix of electronic club tunes.

To keep bellies full, Barrio Uno will offer wood fired pizzas, there’ll be BBQ corn cobs, haloumi and braised lamb shoulder from Georges, squid, risotto and pasta from Manna Café, burgers from Stax and the Union Hotel and refreshing Gelati from Cibo.

Artisan beers and ciders will keep thirsts quenched, along with wines from local producers.

As part of City of Adelaide’s Placemaking strategy, a ‘place pilot’ in Topham Mall and Waymouth Street is underway. A place led approach means engaging with local businesses, residents and users to develop aspirations for the area.

“During the early part of the night, look out for the roving vox-pop ‘alien’ who will be talking to people on the street about Waymouth Street and Topham Mall,” said City of Adelaide CEO Peter Smith.

“If you see him, have a chat and let him know your ideas.”

Waymouth Street parties are supported by a grant from the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

To find out more, please go to http://splashadelaide.com.au/project/waymouth-street-party-4/

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Paula Stevens