17 Jun, 2016

STATE BUDGET 2016/17: Investment to transform Adelaide Central Market to Riverbank laneways

The State Government and City of Adelaide today announced a joint investment of $14.6 million to transform the network of small streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and the Riverbank.

The 2016/17 State Budget will include $7.3 million towards the project, with the City of Adelaide contributing the same amount in partnership.

The project will upgrade Bank Street, Leigh Street, Topham Mall, Bentham Street and Pitt Street to create an exciting and vibrant pedestrian and cycling connection between the ASdelaide Central Market and the Riverbank. It will feature upgraded intersections, new paving, lighting, trees, landscaping, street furniture and public art.

The procurement of contractors and materials will be overseen by the Industry Participation Advocate to ensure as much local content as possible is used in the project.


Up to 15,000 people already use the streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and the Riverbank each day.

The partnership between the State Government and City of Adelaide follows on from the success of the Leigh Street demonstration project which began in July 2012, with the support of the Council, as part of the State Government’s Vibrant Adelaide agenda.

Recent City of Adelaide consultation on the laneways network has shown strong community support for further improvements, with the top five feedback responses looking for more greenery, prioritising pedestrians, improved lighting, art and supporting the character and atmosphere in these small streets. The consultation also found many businesses have creative ideas for enhancing city space, ranging from lighting to street closures for outdoor dining.

The project will begin immediately with design work and feedback sought from traders and the local community on those designs. Capital works are expected to start in late 2016. This project is identified as a priority in Council’s draft 2016-2020 Strategic Plan.