30 Jun, 2016

Smoke Free for a Better City Experience

New smoke-free signs have been installed in Rundle Mall and its laneways to provide shoppers with a better city experience.

Since August 2012, City of Adelaide has been educating the community that smoking is not permitted in Rundle Mall and the laneways leading off the Mall.

This included a transitional period of six months from August 2012 to February 2013 (where no-one was expiated) to enable people to get used to the area being a no smoking zone.

This week sees the completion of the installation of signage to remind the community that the Mall is smoke-free and expiations apply.

The signs also feature wayfinding information to help people find their way around the city.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said that making Rundle Mall a no smoking area is part of Council’s commitment to creating a more liveable city and a comfortable shopping experience.

“The community has been largely cooperative and supportive of the ban and the smoke-free environment means the Mall and surrounds are more welcoming and friendly for all city users,” said Martin.

“The new signs will help increase people’s awareness that smoking is not allowed in the Mall and surrounding public laneways and demonstrate that we are working to make a positive difference to people’s health when they are in the city.

“The signs will also have information to help people move around the precinct as well as find other areas of interest in the city.”

Amanda Grocock, General Manager of Rundle Mall Management Authority, said that the new signs make it clearer that the Mall is smoke-free.

“Being a no smoking area helps to solidify Rundle Mall as the premier shopping destination and meeting place in Adelaide. We want to create a great experience for everyone and make Rundle Mall a more appealing place for all,” said Amanda.

Cancer Council SA’s Chief Executive, Lincoln Size, welcomed the new signs.

“The signs will increase people’s awareness of the ban and therefore reduce the incidents of people smoking, providing a positive impact on people’s health,” said Lincoln.

“There is no risk-free level of exposure to second-hand smoke and this ban will ensure shoppers can continue to enjoy the mall without the dangers and discomforts of passive smoke.”

The new signage installation will be completed by tomorrow in Charles Street, Gawler Place (both sides), James Place, Twin Street and Stephens Place.

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Paula Stevens