25 Jun, 2014

Smart Blocks makes good sense

City of Adelaide has teamed up with Smart Blocks to encourage apartment owners and building managers in the City to become champions for energy efficiency and save on energy costs in the process.

The Smart Blocks program helps residents understand how to improve energy use in common property areas of apartment buildings by working with strata organisations to delivery energy efficiency projects.

More than 20% of the fees or levies for apartment buildings could be related to energy bills.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood is encouraging people who live in apartments to access the support offered through the City of Adelaide, and start seeing the benefits of energy efficiency.

“It could be as simple as adapting lighting in common areas such as hallways and car parks that are often on 24-7. Adapting light fittings or bulbs and using timers or sensors could dramatically reduce lighting energy consumption,” said Stephen.

“For the City to be future-ready, we must be smarter with our energy use, and make the changes to support a sustainable future. Everyone can play their part, it really is that simple,” he said.

“The step-by-step guide to making changes is available through the Smart Blocks website and Council staff members are on hand to assist residents and answer any questions they might have.

“With up to 50% of energy used in shared spaces within apartment blocks, there are great opportunities to save your apartment money through energy efficiency.”

Smart Blocks was developed in partnership with Strata Community Australia, City of Sydney, City of Melbourne, Owners Corporation Network of Australia and Green Strata and is funded by the Federal Government’s Energy Efficiency Information Grants Program.

Visit: cityofadelaide.com.au/smartblocks for more information.