26 Oct, 2015

People On Pitt Drive Community-Led Initiative

Widening the footpath and optical illusion artwork will be part of a 12 month community led initiative to be trialled in Pitt Street adjacent Her Majesty’s Theatre in the city.

Working in conjunction with the City of Adelaide, the Pitt Street community, which includes businesses and landowners, identified issues affecting the street and their solutions, to create a more positive pedestrian experience.

The trial will increase the amenity of the street with greenery, provide opportunities for activation, improve the safety and show Pitt Street in a new light for people who use the space.

Lord Mayor Martin Haese said it is great to see the people on Pitt take the initiative to be involved in their street and make a positive contribution to its atmosphere.

“The Pitt Street community are investing significant time and effort into creating a street they want to be involved in and want others to participate in as well,” Martin said.

“They have been very hands on working with Council and have taken ownership of managing their space with everything from watering plants to managing loading zones and social media.”

“This is a fine example of collaboration between Council and the community and how it can lead to great outcomes for everyone.”

Robyn Sutherland, Uniting Communities’ Executive Manager Services said the street is set to have a unique piece of artwork called Don’t Cry Over Spilt Paint, that will be a draw card.

“The artwork is the result of a joint project between Eynesbury College students and Bonnin Creative and designed to be a fun, interactive and unique piece of street art, intended to draw people’s attention to Pitt Street and its many possibilities,” Robyn said.

“Collaborating with the artists, the Eynesbury students, other local businesses and City of Adelaide really makes us feel like it’s our space and that we’re all working together with the common goal of bringing the street into focus through the artwork and other features being incorporated into the street.”

The 12 month trial which starts in November 2015 is set to strengthen the Adelaide Oval to Central Market link and is intended to be a catalyst for longer term change to the area.

During the trial pedestrian flow, vehicle speeds and volumes will be measured to help inform future plans for Pitt Street.

Planter boxes and bollards being installed this week begin the transformation followed by new art work spilling over the pavement into position over the coming week.

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Rebecca Draysey