20 Jul, 2017

New Signage to Boost School Safety

New signs and line marking have been placed in O’Brien Street in the city’s south west to help create a safer environment around the Sturt Street Community School for school children.

The school zone signage as well as zigzag school zone line marking on the road will highlight the lower speed area and remind drivers of the presence of school children in the street.

The safety improvements are an immediate step the City of Adelaide has taken to increase safety for children and parents who walk to school.

Councillor Priscilla Corbell described the move as a quick win for the school community and pledged that Council will continue to work with the school, parents and DPTI to increase safety in the area.

“Council Administration investigated the parents’ request to look at a School Zone on O’Brien Street and other streets surrounding the school and I am delighted that action was so quickly taken,” said Priscilla.

“Council does not have authority to install a school zone on Sturt Street given the existing pedestrian actuated signals but Council is doing all it can within its control to help make the area as safe as possible.

“The signage and line marking is a sensible approach that can be actioned swiftly by Council staff as we continue to work with the school community on making the area as safe as can be.”

Council has previously worked with DPTI and the Sturt Street Community School on Way2Go initiatives which included the installation of the Gilbert Street zebra crossing in early 2016.

Ongoing discussions are underway with DPTI regarding further improvements through Way2Go.

Further upgrades being considered as part of Sturt Street Streetscape improvements (such as landscaping) aligned to roadway renewal will be funded by the City of Adelaide in 2017/18.

Image source: Sturt Street Community School website.

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