07 Dec, 2013

New event space rocks into action

Adelaide’s newest event space is set to rock for the first time this Sunday as the Vans Warped Tour rolls into town.

Tampawardli (Park 24) will host the all-ages music festival as the park makes its debut as a festival location.

Councillor Megan Hender said she was looking forward to seeing the area come to life.

“Adelaide is in the enviable position of hosting many festivals throughout the summer months, but this also places a fair bit of pressure on particular areas of the Park Lands and means that there are many different types of events competing for space.

“This will be a dedicated event space which means there will be less disruption in other Park Lands that are used more frequently on a day to day basis. The space will ensure Adelaide continues to attract major events and festivals, while minimizing the impact on our Park Lands,” Megan said.

Work on the space first started in 2010 with a concept design and was completed in November this year. It will be available for concerts, festivals and circuses, as well as community events.

The space was created to ease pressure on other areas of the Park Lands and to address noise issues arising from events being held close to residents and businesses.

Sandy Verschoor, City of Adelaide General Manager of City Culture and Community Services said that this park was chosen as it was an opportunity to activate an underutilised space while at the same time address noise and crowd issues that had arisen during festivals held in other areas of the city while.

“Tampawardli suits a wide range of events, it is still close to the CBD and public transport, yet is far enough away from residents and businesses so that noise isn’t as large a problem.

“I’m really excited about the events we’ve got coming up in the New Year – some of which I can’t announce just yet – as event organisers and promoters are embracing this space as they know it has been set up specifically to comfortably handle any kind of event,” Sandy said

A time lapse video of the work that has gone into creating the event space can be viewed here: