16 Jun, 2016

New Crossing a Win for Local Community

Pedestrians and bike riders passing through Whitmore Square can now do so far more safely with the launch of a new crossing at the intersection of Whitmore Square and Sturt Street East.

Councillors Alex Antic and Priscilla Corbell championed the works after seeing one too many near misses and receiving strong feedback from the local community about pedestrian and bike rider safety. Six crashes have been recorded during the past five years, with five involving bike riders.

The crossing will greatly improve safety for people crossing the eastern side of Whitmore Square.

Local businesses are set to benefit with Café Troppo’s Phil Harris saying that the project is good news for traders and everyone in the local area.

“Whilst roadwork activity is never good whilst underway, we’re pleased that the sense of the Square’s green-ness has spread; and we look forward to adding a productive layer to this in coming months,” said Phil.

“Hopefully this also gives us more scope to extend our outdoor spaces as a venue for street corner music and sunshiney good times.”

Councillor Antic said he had campaigned for the installation of a crossing at Whitmore Square for many months and was pleased to see it completed for the community, benefiting all people, regardless of their mobility.

"This project makes a huge difference to community safety, with a safe and convenient crossing point now provided with minimal impact upon the flow of traffic," said Alex.

“It’s a sensible project that I know will be appreciated by the hundreds of people who cross at this location every day.”

Project works included lighting upgrades, kerb works, new kerb ramps and low level planting in addition to the installation of traffic signal hardware.

The project also improves east-west accessibility and safety for people who bike ride and drive along Sturt Street East.

On-street parking is unaffected by the project.

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