17 Mar, 2014

New Central Market Board to be established

A new board will be appointed to continue to grow and oversee the future of the Adelaide Central Market after the City of Adelaide received the resignations of Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA) Chair Judy Potter and board members Pip Forrester and Paul Kerin.

Lord Mayor Stephen Yarwood thanked all three Board members for their contributions in establishing and leading the Authority during its first two years.

“The success of the Market under the first two years of a new governance model is a testament to the hard work, passion and dedication of the Board,” Stephen said.

“While the Market operates in the same economic climate as any other business, foot traffic remains strong and consistent and there is a healthy enthusiasm amongst traders.

“The Council supports the governance model we have in place and believe it’s the best vehicle to support the growth and development of the Market.”

Outgoing Chair, Judy Potter, said she has been proud to be part of the establishment of the Authority.

“Establishing the Authority and Board was a bold move by the Council given the 140 year heritage of the Market,” she said.

“I believe the governance model provides the best platform for the Central Market to continue to flourish in the years to come.”

Peter Smith, City of Adelaide CEO, said the resolution of the recent issues between the ACMA Board and its CEO would remain confidential to respect the privacy of those concerned.

“We will have interim governance and management arrangements in place for the Authority while new Board members are selected,” he said.

“Council members will be provided with a report at their next meeting setting out the process for how we will go about filling the new Board positions.

“The Administration continues to work with ACMA CEO Claude Baxter to agree the best way forward for the running of the Market.

“Claude Baxter remains absent on full pay while this is resolved and Gavin Webster will continue to act as CEO in the interim.

“We have communicated these changes to the Market’s Trader Advisory Group, meanwhile it is business as usual on the market floor while these changes are worked through.”

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