13 Jun, 2014

It’s your Community and it’s your Local Government - why not be part of both

Have you ever wanted to be part of the decision-making process for the City of Adelaide? Are you a City resident who cares about what’s happening beyond your street or a business owner who wants to help the city economy flourish even more?

Well now is your chance to make a lasting difference and ensure diverse community perspectives are heard and considered at a Local Government level.

City of Adelaide is calling for those interested in becoming an City of Adelaidelor to nominate for candidacy. Councillors play a central role in decision-making processes and the changing face of Adelaide and surrounds.

During the past couple of years the City of Adelaide has been changing before our eyes and putting your hand up to become a Councillor is a great way to play an integral role in this transformation.

As a councillor you will have a role in creating policy in areas as diverse as community development, recreation, the environment, planning, public health, safety and infrastructure development.

Nominations are open from August 10 until September 16. For more information about who can stand in a local government election and tips on what it takes to participate go to cityofadelaide.com.au/elections