13 Jul, 2015

Double Funding Equals Double the Climate Change Action

The State Government will match City of Adelaide funding that provides incentive payments to businesses and households that install energy storage and efficiency solutions.

Under City of Adelaide’s Sustainable City Incentives Scheme, up to $5,000 is offered to drive investment in solar PV with energy storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicle charging points.

Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter today announced the State Government has provided funding to double Sustainable City Incentives Scheme funding in 2015/16 to extend the program’s reach to more city businesses and households.

“This commitment effectively doubles the opportunity for more people in the Adelaide city area to invest in technologies that reduce carbon emissions and energy use,” he said.

“Two months ago, we became the first Australian state where the State Government and City Council both signed key international agreements on climate change.

“The State Government has a goal for the city of Adelaide to be carbon neutral, and this ambitious target will require a change in the way the city operates and is used.

“This will rely on creating further demand for renewable energy, growth in green industries, increased energy and waste efficiency and driving the use of cleaner modes of transport.

“South Australia already leads the nation with almost 40 per cent of our energy coming from clean sources, but our efforts need to ramp up to meet our target of 50 per cent by 2025.”

The Sustainable City Incentives Scheme provides all building owners and tenants including businesses, residents, schools, community and sporting organisations up to:

  • $5,000 for installing solar PV
  • $5,000 for installing energy storage
  • $500 per electric vehicle charging controller
  • $5,000 for apartment building energy efficiency upgrades
  • $1,000 for changing out quartz halogen downlights to LED downlights
  • $120 for installing an energy monitoring system
  • $1,000 to for solar hot water system
  • $500 for rain water tanks or $3,000 for communal use rain water tanks in apartment buildings.

City of Adelaide Lord Mayor Martin Haese welcomed the additional funding, saying the importance of each energy saving and efficiency program cannot be underestimated.

“City of Adelaide has reduced its own carbon emissions by 60 per cent since 1994 and emissions from the city community have declined by 19 per cent since 2007,” he said.

“The collaboration between council and the government to strive towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions supports our communities, industries and businesses to join us on the journey.

“We have already seen this through the sheer number of inquiries we have received since our announcement.

“Financial assistance packages such as this are essential to incentivise their decisions to invest in technologies that enable us to store solar energy and increase our energy efficiency.”

For more information about the incentive package visit cityofadelaide.com.au/takeaction

Media contact: Chris Burford – 0419 567 989 (Minister Ian Hunter) and Matthew Halliwell - 0411 155 061 (Lord Mayor Martin Haese)