18 Sep, 2014

People On Pitt Street Lights Up This Friday

Over the last four weeks students from the University of South Australia have been designing and constructing light installations that will be installed in the southern end of Pitt Street this Friday evening.

Called ‘People on Pitt’ this project is a partnership between the City of Adelaide, the University of South Australia, Property Council (SA) and the property owners and traders on Pitt Street that demonstrates how collaboration and embracing local creativity can create great places.

Pitt Street is part of the connection between the Central Market and the Riverbank and Adelaide Oval where City of Adelaide is piloting the placemaking approach.

Placemaking involves embracing the ideas, energy and capital of local people and working with them to create a collection of places with distinct character and style within a series of connected, unique districts.

City of Adelaide CEO Peter Smith described placemaking as an overarching idea and a hands-on tool for improving a district or place.

“It involves looking at, listening to and asking questions of the people who live, work and play in a place to discover their needs and aspirations.

“The greatest cities in the world are full of many unique districts and great places with strong individual character. Those who use a place are often in the best position to know what a place should look like, which is why we have asked design students who study and use the city daily to come up with an installation for Pitt Street.”

Uni SA Program Director for Interior Architecture Andrew Wallace said that the project offers interior architecture students a valuable opportunity to participate in shaping the future of the city.

“It’s valuable in two ways; the first through involving young people in developing ideas around how they would like the city to be, and secondly as emerging interior designers in having an active voice in the placemaking process.

“Interior designers have a deep understanding of the relationship between people and space and it’s great for this group of future design leaders to participate in this exciting project.”

Steve Maras, Property Council of Australia (SA Division) Vice President and Chair of the Mainstreets Committee, said that the ‘People on Pitt’ project is a great initiative which perfectly dovetails into the sold-out “Mainstreet Matters” Masterclass to be held the Friday at The Promethean in Grote Street.

“We wanted to highlight what could be done with one of the city’s ‘little’ streets when you let the imagination off the leash. We were pleased to partner up with UniSA and the City Council to bring something a little special to Pitt Street and the Central Market district. This installation promises to deliver some fantastic ideas about highlighting some of our underrated city streets.”

‘People on Pitt – an installation of light’ will happen in Pitt Street this Friday 19 September from 6.00pm. The southern end of Pitt Street will be closed to traffic.

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Paula Stevens