15 Oct, 2015

73,000 Square Metres Of Road Renewals For The City By June 2016

Improved technology and revised work practice systems mean City of Adelaide will now deliver at least 20 additional road asset renewal projects by June 2016 - the equivalent of 73,000 square metres of road surface, or the surface area of four and a half Adelaide Ovals.

Neil Brown General Manager for City Infrastructure and Public Works said the revised practices will help deliver additional projects and potential savings and is based on value engineering and optimised decision making. Any potential savings will be presented to Council and considered as part of the Quarter 1 reallocation to carry out other important Council works.

“We’ve put in place a three year rolling asset renewal program which has allowed us to better coordinate projects and negotiate improved procurement terms with contractors and suppliers, translating into more projects being completed sooner and for less,” said Neil.

“This works includes not only road resurfacing, but also associated infrastructure such as kerbs and footpaths, which will help encourage people into the city to enjoy the city experience.”

“In developing the program we have also considered the implications on traffic and events and where possible the works will be delivered outside of the peak times,” he said.

“As part of Council’s infrastructure asset management planning, our project delivery method, including the selection of materials and treatments, is regularly analysed and revised to ensure assets are performing adequately while the whole of life costs of asset ownership are minimised.

An example of Council’s commitment to continued improvement is a trial currently being conducted of an innovative asphalt product in a section of Grenfell Street and another in North Terrace where there are large bus volumes, with excellent initial results.

Council’s Infrastructure Management team is monitoring these sites regularly to assess the material’s effectiveness throughout the year.

If successful, the product may be installed at various bus stops around the city and North Adelaide during the 2016/17 financial year, and is expected to extend the asset life of the roads where it is installed, resulting in further savings for Council, and in turn rate payers, over the longer term.

Council is committed to enhancing the city for all users by aiming to provide a great experience; one way of doing this is ensuring road surfaces and associated infrastructure are maintained to an acceptable standard.

Council’s draft Asset Management Plans, with information about the proposed scope of works for the coming three years will be out for public consultation later this year

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Rebecca Draysey