Heritage plaques

Heritage plaques allow owners of heritage listed places to showcase their property’s contribution to Adelaide’s special character.

What are heritage plaques?

The distinct, oval-shaped plaques, in vitrified blue enamel with white graphics, can be seen displayed on many historic buildings across the city and North Adelaide.

The plaque identifies the property and includes a short history of the building.

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Similar smaller plaques, with the words “LOCAL HERITAGE PLACE”, are also available. This plaque is designed as a simple approach to recognise the property’s heritage listing.

The plaque design is unique to the City of Adelaide. They are manufactured and securely installed at Council’s expense (approximately 6-8 weeks turn around time).

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Registering for a heritage plaque

If you are interested in having a plaque installed at your property, please register. To be eligible, the property must be heritage listed within the Adelaide (City) Development Plan.

Plaques are installed free of charge by an experienced stone mason engaged by Council.

In most circumstances, plaques will be fixed to the building or fence by drilling two or four small holes (depending on the type of plaque) into the installation surface. Lugs are then fixed into the holes with non-damaging adhesive. The installation method may vary depending on the surface.

The plaques must be in plain sight of the footpath allowing interaction between the building, the plaque and the public. The location must take into consideration the heritage buildings fabric, size and style and have minimal physical impact on the building.

Need more information?

If you have any queries about the Heritage Plaques Program, please contact Meagan Cox, Project Consultant - Heritage.

08 8203 7521

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