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Smart Parking

Smarter Parking in the City with the Park Adelaide App

With over 200,000 vehicles visiting the city every day, we know that it can be a struggle to find a park. That’s why we’re introducing Smart Parking – a simpler and more convenient way of parking. 

The City of Adelaide is launching a new mobile app, Park Adelaide, to give you accurate and real-time parking information. The app will let you locate, pay for, and extend your parking session remotely – so, you won’t have to return to your vehicle. It will also give you directions to available parking bays, information about parking controls, and alerts of when your parking session is about to expire.

Smart Parking technology utilises fitted, in-ground sensors of which we have installed approximately 2,800 in on-street parking bays across the city. Communication relays have been installed on some 150 electrical poles to help transmit parking information to the Park Adelaide app.

A key initiative of the City of Adelaide’s Smart City Project, Smart Parking supports Councils sustainability goals by improving traffic flow, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions. 

Progress Update

We installed the first sensors in Light Square and Morphett Street (between Franklin and Waymouth Streets) in February 2018. 

Installation included: 

• Marking individual parking bays with a unique five-digit code
• Drilling a 15cm hole in each bay and inserting a sensor
• Installing SmartSpot communication relays onto electrical poles


Smart Parking FAQ

What is Smart Parking?

The City of Adelaide’s Smart Parking technology will make it more convenient for you to park your vehicle in the city. 

Our Smart Parking capability uses in-ground sensors that work in conjunction with a smart device app, Park Adelaide, which enables you to: 

• Get real-time information about available parking bays and time limits;
• Pay for your parking on your smart device;
• Receive alerts when your parking session is about to expire; and
• Extend your parking session by ‘topping up’ to the time limit via the app

What is ‘Park Adelaide’?

Park Adelaide is the accompanying smart device app that you will use to access the benefits of our Smart Parking technology.

The app will be available for download, free of charge, on both Google Play and Apple iOS stores.

How will the app work?

Once installed, follow these simple steps to locate and pay for available parking: 

1. Open the app
2. Drive to an available bay
3. Enter the 5-digit code (painted on the ground) into your app
4. Check the parking information for the bay
5. Pay for your parking session 
6. The app will send you a Reminder Notification when your time is about to expire (Notifications must be switched to ‘ON’ on your device.)
7. If required, you have the option to remotely top up your parking session up to the time limit
8. You also have the unique opportunity to choose a one-off ‘Extend Stay’ for up to 15 minutes beyond the maximum time limit.

How do I know where specific time limit parking bays are located?

Park Adelaide allows you to filter the information you require to include specific parking controls, for example you can select parking bays of 1 or 2 hours.

Is Smart Parking more expensive than normal on-street parking? 

No, paying via the Park Adelaide app will cost the same as using an on-street ticket machine. 

Can I still pay for a parking bay with the ticket machine? 


Do I have to use the Park Adelaide app? 

No. However, the app provides some great benefits that you’ll miss out on if using a ticket machine. For instance, you will receive a Reminder Notification when your parking session is about to expire, giving you the option to extend your time remotely using the Park Adelaide app. 

How much time can I extend my parking by? 

Each parking bay has a maximum time limit showing how long your vehicle can remain parked in that bay. Park Adelaide offers you the unique opportunity to choose a one-off ‘Extend Stay’ option, which will allow you to extend your parking session for up to 15 minutes beyond the maximum time limit. 

What happens if I overstay my parking time limit? 

We encourage you to move your vehicle once your parking session has expired to avoid receiving a parking Expiation Notice. 

What if I leave before my paid time has expired – can I get a refund?

There are no refunds for fees paid – this is the same as using a ticket machine. You can, however, use the app to pay for a shorter period initially, and then remotely extend the time using the Park Adelaide app.

Can I only extend my parking using the Park Adelaide app? 

Yes. However, if you’ve paid at the ticket machine, you are still able to return and buy another ticket to extend your parking up to the time limit. You are not able to extend your parking session once the maximum time limit has expired. 

What about Accessibility parking? 

Smart Parking will not change Disability Parking Permit holder concessions.  

The sensor will record the time you enter the bay and our Parking and Information Officers will apply the concessions. You must clearly display your Disability Parking Permit to be eligible for these concessions:
• Up to 30min, in any zone that is less than 30min
• Up to 2hrs, when parked in a 30 min or 1hr zone 
• Double that time in a 2 hour of above zone 
• For the indicated time in a Disability Parking Zone

Please be aware your vehicle cannot stay if the bay changes to a Restrictive Zone i.e. No Stopping or Bus Zone – please check the parking control information on the Park Adelaide app carefully.

In conjunction with these options, the City of Adelaide does not require you to make payment when parked in a paid on-street parking bay. 

These concessions do not apply at UPark car parks, or private parking areas. 

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