Jessy Khera

Central Ward Councillor

Councillor Jessy Khera

I I have lived in Adelaide since I was six years old and have made the south-east corner of the Adelaide city centre my home since 2008. I have degrees in law and commerce, and my background includes working at the regulatory body in New South Wales which investigates conduct allegations against lawyers, as well as working in private legal practice. I have also operated an art gallery in the city. My experience from the small business sector and as a resident has given me a valuable perspective on local government, its interactions, and how it may be improved.

I am particularly interested in reducing red tape and the cost base for businesses, as well as maintaining Adelaide's historical aesthetic strengths in its built forms, public spaces and urban vegetation.

I am deeply passionate about Adelaide and I want the very best for the city, and for its great people to live in a safe, economically thriving and beautiful Adelaide environment.

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8203 7203

GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

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