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Reflect and Flex


Time flies when you’re having fun… but it also flies when you’re outrageously busy. Taking time out can be tricky, but it’s important for your health and happiness. Change up your days and add a moment or two to let your mind reflect and your body flex.

Make Time to Reflect

Self-Portrait Session

Head down to the Art Gallery of South Australia and take some time gaze into a mirror and think about you. While the gallery is home to the moving Ben Quilty exhibition, there is a space in The Studio to explore self-portraiture. ‘Welcome to Joe’s World’ is an opportunity for people of all ages to try their hand at depicting themselves in whichever colours and materials catch their eye.

10 am – 5 pm, Until 2 June 2019

Art Gallery of South Australia



Image and header image: Nat Rogers


Giving back can feel great! Volunteering is a fantastic way to lend a hand to your local community and meet wonderful people. The City of Adelaide has dozens of different volunteer roles for individuals or families. Whether you’d like to plant in the Park Lands or immerse yourselves amongst library books, there are roles to suit all ages and abilities. Roles appear on the website as they become available.

See the Current Volunteering Vacancies

Zen Out

Lose your shoes and find your zen. Connect your body and mind with the practice of mediation and yoga in the most serene spots in the Adelaide Park Lands.

Yoga and meditation can play a key role in building strength and resilience. The practice of meditation has been shown to strengthen the immune system and reduces your levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) leading to a lower heart rate and blood pressure. The practice of yoga improves strength, flexibility, endurance and very importantly, sleep quality!

See our top Park Lands Zen spots and picks for city yoga and meditation

Technology and Wellbeing Study

It’s time to put your phone to good use! Spend some of your screen-time being part of a study led by SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Centre.

You’re invited to join a free week-long pilot project which uses a smartphone app to prompt a daily activity to promote wellbeing.

Previous studies have shown one of the most significant influencers to a person’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing is their sense of meaning and purpose.

Join the project or find out more

Find time to Flex

Tai Chi

Not all core workouts take place in the gym, the ancient practice of tai chi is a gentle way build strength and flexibility. Calculated slow movements of the body come together to create a restorative and engaging flow. The best way to get started is under the guidance of an experienced teacher like Master George Lee at the Box Factory Community Centre.

6.15 pm – 7.15 pm, Wednesdays, April – October

Box Factory Community Centre

$12, No bookings required.


Run Park, Run

Where better to get the heart pumping than in the stunning Adelaide Park Lands? There are several running groups and events in the city each week that provide runners with an opportunity to build week on week to achieve their personal best time.

Many of the groups are organised by enthusiastic volunteers who have created a tight-knit running community who are successful in encouraging one another and warmly welcoming new runners.

Parkrun Torrens

Womens Run in the Park

Women’s Recreational Running Network

Parkrun Pakapakanthi

Get Fit for Free

Save on multiple memberships and make the most of the free work out equipment, courts and running tracks in the fresh air of the Adelaide Park Lands. The serene sights, sounds, smells of nature while you exercise, make it all the more appealing to pop by on the weekend or even on your way home.

Find free fitness facilities

Learn and Play

Have you always wanted to learn play croquet? You are invited to take part in free croquet classes at the South Terrace Croquet Club. Spaces are limited so book your place as soon as possible.

Book Free Croquet

For more information about croquet classes, contact Mara Bendo of the City of Adelaide's Wellbeing and Resilience Program on 8203 7283.

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