Adelaide Design Manual

The Adelaide Design Manual is a toolkit that builds on the City of Adelaide’s strengths and draws from local, national and international experience in urban design and sustainability principles, providing direction for the design of public spaces.

The Adelaide Design Manual was created to ensure that the City of Adelaide's public spaces are high-quality, flexible and sustainable, encourage city life and growth, and celebrate Adelaide's diversity and local character in an inclusive, safe and easily accessible manner.

The principles and approaches outlined in the Manual have been designed to be used by government staff, design professionals, members of the community, and others with an interest in public life, to assist in creating consistency across projects of all sizes in the city and contributing to welcoming, authentic and high-quality spaces in the City of Adelaide.

The Adelaide Design Manual directly supports the Smart Move, The City of Adelaide’s Transport and Movement Strategy 2012-22 in particular Outcome 8: Great Streets.

View the Adelaide Design Manual.