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Inside City of Adelaide

At City of Adelaide we are referred to as “The Corporation” and we are led by our CEO and four Directors to achieve the administrative function and projects that Council approves. We are made of many portfolios and programs, each being responsible for working collaboratively to deliver outcomes, services as well as to carry out the day to day requirements of the City on behalf of Council.

CEO Office

This team provides high level advice to the CEO on key business priorities and activities across all portfolios (listed below) and the Office of the Lord Mayor to ensure that performance is consistent with the City of Adelaide Vision, Principles and Strategic Plan.

The City of Adelaide organisation chart is a great document to understand the administrative structure. Information icon


Adelaide city b

This portfolio will make a significant contribution to creating a liveable city, one that is accessible and inclusive for people of all ages and all walks of life.

It will support Council in creating an experience that is authentically Adelaide building on our rich culture and heritage. It will also group all of our significant customer activities into one portfolio to provide a more engaging, open and helpful service for our customers.

Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Community & Culture
  • Customer
  • Information Management
  • Planning & Development


Patrons at a bar in Adelaide CityThis portfolio will make a significant contribution to growing the number of people who live, work and play in the City, while ensuring this occurs in a sustainable way. They will have responsibility for economic development and tourism and ensuring city businesses can make the most out of these opportunities while promoting the opportunities here in Adelaide on the local, national and international stage. While growth is important, it is critical this occurs sustainably so importantly this portfolio will have responsibility for leading Council’s sustainability agenda. Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Economic Development & Tourism
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Property
  • Sustainability


City of Adelaide nursery staff smilingThis portfolio is responsible for creating a great physical environment for the city and the surrounding Park Lands. It groups all functions related to how we design, plan, construct and maintain the physical assets and environment of Adelaide and the beautiful Park Lands that surround it. Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Design & Strategy
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Realm


Parking officer helping out the community

This portfolio enables the Community, Growth and Operations portfolios to do their jobs efficiently and effectively and has responsibility for Council’s governance, finances and most importantly its people. This portfolio has a commercial focus and is responsible for growing Council’s businesses and importantly exploring future business opportunities for Council with revenue gained from these businesses used to improve the delivery of services. Programs in this portfolio include:

  • Finance & Businesses
  • Governance
  • People
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