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Sustainability Incentives Scheme Frequently Asked Questions

The Government of South Australia has announced the Home Battery Scheme in 2018. See more about how our Sustainability Incentives relate to the Home Battery Scheme below. 

Find out more about the Home Battery Scheme.

Are households that receive a grant from the State Government’s Home Battery Scheme (HBS) still eligible for a Sustainability Incentives Scheme (SIS) rebate?

The State Government has recently released a Home Battery Scheme (HBS) consisting of $100 million in grant funding and a $100 million low interest loan program. Together over four years, these initiatives will enable up to 40,000 South Australian households to receive:

  • A grant of up to $6,000 to install energy storage (battery) systems; and
  • A low interest loan for battery systems, and for new solar photovoltaic (PV) systems or additional solar PV systems when coupled with a battery system.

Whilst the HBS only applies to households, the City of Adelaide’s (CoA) Sustainability Incentive Scheme (SIS) provides an incentive for energy storage systems installed by households, businesses and other premises of up to $5,000.

Will the SIS rebate be calculated using the battery system cost before or after the HBS grant?

The HBS will complement the CoA’s SIS and existing eligibility criteria and assessment practices.

The HBS will be paid to an approved installer and shown as a grant that reduces the total amount payable on the invoice to the eligible household. The current SIS rebate for batteries (of 50% up to a maximum $5,000), will be applied after the HBS grant to the residual cost of the battery at the time of installation.

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Are households that receive a grant from both the Federal and State Government’s energy storage (battery) schemes still eligible for a Sustainability Incentives Scheme (SIS) rebate?

SIS Energy Storage systems that have received grant funding from both the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), such as systems supplied by Simply Energy and AGL’s Virtual Power Plant projects, and the HBS will be referred to Council for consideration.

Can I apply for a SIS Solar PV rebate when I enlarge my existing solar PV system using a HBS low interest loan?

CoA households that have previously received a SIS incentive for solar PV will be ineligible for additional SIS incentives for solar PV.  Households that have not previously received a SIS rebate for solar PV will remain eligible.

How do I submit an application?

Email:   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


City of Adelaide

GPO Box 2252 Adelaide, SA 5001

Which jurisdictions or suburbs are eligible?

Properties within the City of Adelaide municipal boundary are eligible for this scheme (i.e. Adelaide 5000, North Adelaide 5006 and Park Lands properties).

I own a property in the City of Adelaide area but I do not live there, may I still apply?

As long as the property you are applying for is within the City of Adelaide municipal boundary, and meets the rest of our eligibility requirements, you may apply. 

When might approvals be relevant?

If you do not own the property you are applying for: If a tenant is applying for an incentive, a letter of permission from their landlord / property owner must be provided with the application.

Strata or Community Title Corporation: If the location for installation of works supported through the Scheme is within a strata or community title corporation, proof of the approval to install these works from the body corporate or equivalent must be provided within the application.  An example may be providing the minutes of the meeting where works were approved.  If the applicant is the body corporate, the person who signs the form must have authorisation to do so.  If you are unsure about whether the works installed require permission from the body corporate, please check with your body corporate rules.

Council Approval: If incentives of greater than or equal to $20,000 are made to the same site record (i.e. property) within one financial year, it will be considered a ‘Partnership Project’, and will require the approval of Council.  This may occur when multiple incentives are sought.

Development Approval: The works being installed may require Development Approval, please see the specific question relating to this below.

Do you have a preferred list of suppliers or product brands that must be used?

It is not within Council’s role to promote any specific company, brand or type of product.  As such, we will only indicate if our eligibility requirements are not satisfied. There are independent market regulators and auditors who compare products based on meeting minimum Australian standards (i.e. the Clean Energy Council accreditation of products relating to solar PV installations).

Do I have to complete the installation first before sending in my application?

Generally yes, as we will not provide the rebate until the installation is complete and we have sufficient evidence confirming this (i.e. a Certificate of Compliance from the licensed installer and evidence of full payment); unless it meets the conditions of a pre-installation commitment.  We encourage you to call or email us to either discuss your project, to check eligibility for a pre-installation commitment, or to discuss whether your project meets existing eligibility requirements. 

How do I make sure my electrician, gas fitter or plumber is licensed to do installations?

Before making a call, you can check whether they have the appropriate license at the Consumer and Business Services website to check tradespersons current licenses to do relevant works.  

Solar and energy storage installations require their own accreditation and training, see their relevant sections for this information.

What does an ‘itemised list of tasks / works’ mean?

Each item of work undertaken by a licensed installer should be written on the Certificate of Compliance, and/or on the invoice provided.  In the case of double checking what you are eligible for in our rebate, we require a list of individual tasks completed and the cost of these individual parts too so that we can calculate the correct rebate amount

May I apply for more than one category of incentive?

Yes; however please note that over the course of one financial year, if you have applied for incentives that will bring your total to $20,000 for one site / property, Council needs to approve the incentive. You will also become part of a partnership project with Council.  For example, this may occur if multiple individual apartments apply for incentives, as well as the body corporate applying for incentives.

May I apply for the same incentive category more than once?

Typically we will only provide one incentive of each category once per site or property.  The exception is for the Energy Smart Apartments common property energy efficiency upgrades category – where a maximum amount of $5000 is available per financial year.

For example: If you have installed solar panels on your property, and have received an incentive from Council for solar panels in the past, and you are increasing the number of panels – you will not be eligible for another solar incentive from Council. However if you added in an energy storage system or another kind of installation, you may be eligible.

I am a Commonwealth pension and / or concession card holder, am I entitled to get a discount?

We offer an increased percentage of rebate for Commonwealth pension or concession card holders for only the installation of solar PV under 10kW.  50% of the total installation cost up to $1,000 (compared to 20% for non-concession or pension card holders). 

Please include a photocopy / photo of your Commonwealth card with your application.

If I have further questions who should I contact?

Prospective applicants should contact Council at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or telephone 8203 7203 to discuss potential projects, funding availability and eligibility with a member of the Carbon Neutral Adelaide team.

In person:        City of Adelaide Customer Centre

25 Pirie St, ADELAIDE 

An example comparison is provided in the table below.

Low-Income Household Example Comparison (Indicative only)

System description Product X
System size 10.0 kWh
System price $10,000
Without Home Battery Scheme   With Home Battery Scheme  

Existing SIS Energy Storage Incentive

(50% up to $5,000)

  Home Battery Scheme ($600/kWh up to $6,000) + SIS Energy Storage Incentive  

HBS rebate

(10.0 kWh x $600)

$6,000 (HBS Maximum)
    Balance after HBS $4,000

SIS incentive

($10,000 x 50%)

$5,000 (SIS Maximum)

SIS incentive

($4,000 x 50%)

Total out of pocket cost to household $5,000 Total out of pocket cost to household $2,000
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